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by Roronoa
Feb 10, 2018 / 0 comments


Pluton as we know is a powerful battleship and one of the ancient 3 weapons. However their is one thing that really bugs me about pluton; that being that their are 2 plutons. The first pluton is underground, whereas the second one is a blueprint that franky destroyed. This is basically me explaining my theory on pluton and why their is a blueprint as well as the actual thing. For the sake of differentiation, i will split each pluton into 2 parts

  • Robin’s Pluton- the pluton robin knows about, the one described in the ponogylph in alabasta
  • Franky’s Pluton- the pluton Franky knows about, the one described in the blueprints


As we know their are 2 ways to get plutons, but why? Franky says that the blueprints are supposed to be used to counteract the first pluton, however i believe this to be false. Why? Well as we know, pluton was probably created by the ancient kingdom; but if the ancient kingdom created pluton, why would they need two?

Wouldn’t it be simpler to just create 1, but then destroy it after the war rather than give 2 copies and increase the chance of one of them being stolen. I don’t believe that Joyboy would want to create 2 plutons;

A majority of people cannot read the ponoglyphs, and the fact that pluton is underground makes it so hard to get that many people wouldn’t go about digging on a whim that they know where pluton is. Rather i believe that when joyboy created pluton, he split the ship into 2 spots; one underground and one as a blueprint.

This means that even if one person can find one pluton, it would be absolutely useless unless they had the other part. I believe that these are the 2 parts of pluton:

  • the generator-powers the ship, but is hidden underground
  • the ship- about as big as noah, given to the shiprights of water 7 in the form of the blueprints. The blueprints do not contain any info about the generator



As i said before, this pluton is the pluton that is hidden underground. This pluton is also the generator of the complete weapon. How did I come to this conclusion?


This is part of the gedatsu cover story. In this story after falling from skypiea, gedatsu meets Kohza’s uncle in Ukkari island; where he then begins to dig really deep to find a hot spring. Eventually Gedatsu finds a hot spring, he also digs a path between Ukkari and alabasta.

As we know Pluton is hidden under alabasta; in addition, plutonic rock is rock created by lava whereas pluto is the greek god of the underworld. This leads me to believe that pluton harnesses the power of the earth. How does it do that?

Well i believe that pluton(the ship) has a chamber of heat insulating pipes that run throughout the ship, all of these pipes meet at the generator; the generator is used to control the flow of lava inside the pipes.

By controlling the lava inside the ships, pluton can use lava to power weapons and propulsion devices. I believe that pluton(the generator) is deep under alabasta, so deep that it is covered in magma. Pluton(generator) is still active, and therefore controls the magma beneath alabasta and the surrounding islands.

Pluton has been sending large amounts of magma directly under Ukkari, as a result hot springs were created. I also believe that their is a message written on the generator using the language on the ponoglyphs to tell how to create the generator


This pluton is the blueprints that franky had, and i believe still has. As i said, this ship has many pipes that are used to transport magma around it. I believe we have seen a severely weakened version of pluton, what may it be? well i believe it is this ship


Yes, i believe the thousand sunny was based off pluton. How did franky replicate pluton? Well i believe he simply stored the data in his brain. As we know, franky is a cyborg; meaning he is half robot. Robots as we know have memory and file storage; so why doesn’t franky have something similar?

I believe he has a section of his brain that is cut out and replaced with a computer, this computer allows him to think faster and better; it also allows him to store memories infinitely without the risk of forgetting. With this i believe Franky stored the blueprints for pluton in his brain.

That being said, i believe sunny is a weaker version of pluton; here are a few differences between pluton and the sunny

  • sunny is smaller
  • pluton is a circular boat that is made up of many smaller boats like the sunny that are connected to it; it uses the smaller boats to send blasts in every direction; whereas the main boat has a giant cannon that is underground. If one activated the main cannon on the main ship, pluton could be used to fly and potentially go to outerspace
  • gao cannon and coup de burst-since franky doesn’t have the blueprints for the generator, he didn’t know how to make these features properly. However since he had the blueprints for the ship, he knew that these features existed; and therefore he tried to create a system that would replicate these features. The system that franky created is similar, however is lacking in power
  • is powered by magma, not soda


  • pluton has 2 parts, a generator and a ship; franky and tom had a misconception of pluton, that being as if they thought that Robin’s and Franky’s plutons were the same. They are actually 2 different parts
  • the generator is located under alabasta and controls magma
  • the ship is stored in a computer in franky’s brain
  • the sunny is a severly weakened version of pluton
  • pluton is giant, round, is combined of smaller boats like the sunny all around it, and can potentially fly and go to outerspace

*Theory by knaal

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