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Theory Confirmed: Big Mom’s Failed Alliance REVEALED – One Piece Manga Chapter 858 Review
by Roronoa
Apr 15, 2017 / 0 comments

It seems like everything is ready for the wedding. The cake is so good that the cook is crying, or maybe he is preparing beforehand for what is about to happen in the wedding.

There will be a lot of tears one way or the other. Pekoms is being taken care of by the Fishman or should I say is being held, hostage. He is really loyal to Big Mom which is surprising because even some of her children are not And not to mention what she did to Zepo and Pedro .But maybe he has other reasons for being this loyal that we don’t know yet.

Pekoms says something interesting: “It seems the bay was bustling all through the night, I saw people carrying packages and cargo all over the place”. Are Jinbe and Capone planning a full-scale battle with Big Mom? Every pirate carries their weapon with them, so if those packages are weapons this means that they have a huge army and they are preparing for a war. Jinbe did mention in the previous chapter two other people, so it could be that there are two other crews that will join with them Maybe they are supernovas as well, if so then the most likely these two people could be the Mad Monk and Bonney. What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments

Luffy and Sanji arrive at Capone’s hideout. The castle is very interesting you can see only the door and the top, this is very smart, this way your defenses are very good. It kind of reminds of Erebor, the lonely mountain in the Hobbit book. Instead of building strong walls they both used the mountain as the wall Anyway, they are greeted by Vito, otherwise known as Bartholomew’s competition.

I wonder if Zoro will get a fanboy in Wano as well. It was funny when Luffy says to him are you, Capone? Does he know anything about the world? He is lucky that he has such a good friends, otherwise, he would not have gotten so far. When he said to Sanji that without you I cannot become the Pirate King, Luffy really meant it And then Chopper comes out and say to them, go get a bath! My reaction to this was the same as Luffy’s! This is the Yonko arc we don’t have time for this kind of things! But then I click onto the next page, and I saw two huge reasons why this bath is such a good idea. The first one, they are going to attend a wedding so they need to clean up and dress well so they can go to the wedding in style

And the second one is that first thing that came to your mind when I said “two huge reasons”. If you are not getting this, good for you, this means that you have a clean mind. Clean as Nami’s Anyway, don’t forget to drink milk kids, I mean from the refrigerator and not from those huge. Anyway, so Chiffon, Lola’s sister reveals that with whom Big Mom wanted to create an alliance that she thought she can defeat the other Yonkos So, it was the giants from Elbaf.

In my theory, “The dethroned Yonko”, I said that the people that Big mom wanted to create an alliance were the giants. So, this part of the theory is proven correct. It’s very likely that the other part also will be proven correct soon. Let’s wait and see. So, the guy who Lola ran away from is a prince, none other than prince Loki of Asgard, I mean High-gard, I mean Elbaf.

I am very interested to see how Oda will incorporate the Norse mythology in his story. It could be that he is using only the name, but I don’t think so. When I made that theory, the pictures that I used for giants are warriors from the Norse mythology. I did read an interview of Oda, where he said that when he was a kid, he did watch a series on TV about Viking pirates, And that is where he came up with the idea of making a manga about Pirates.

So, I do expect the Elbaf arc to be very big and important. Since I heard that this alliance failed because Lola ran away, I was thinking why they did not use her twin? And in this chapter this question is answered, they did, but it did not work. But the other thing is that Big Mom said that the reason why she wants Caesar to come up with a way to make giants is because she wants to enjoy sitting at the table and eat with her family and talking at the eye level Because she is big and the rest of the family is not. And I saw comments saying that maybe Big Mom is a good person, but in this chapter, we did learn the real reason why she wants to make giants.

What Big Mom did to Chiffon is very sad, and this would explain why Big Mom’s children do not care about her, except for Pekoms, of course, he cares a lot. I already said that in this chapter we got a few answers to some questions and one of those is Luffy’s tooth. What will he do? How will he fix this? I thought maybe in the end of the arc someone from Germa will help him because they have advanced technology. But no, I was wrong because Oda is trolling us, so the answer to this question was just some ordinary milk. Unless this milk in not an ordinary milk and came from those huge.

Anyway, Luffy in this chapter was very funny, it was really ironic when he said to Brook:”Why are you acting like you just made it through some fierce battle?! Well Luffy, that’s because he did. Actually, he was fighting your battle.

And finally, the meeting starts between the Straw Hats and Fire Tank Pirates. The first thing I notice on the page was Nami, I thought why is she still taking a bath? But looking from another angle I saw that she was not naked but she was hardly wearing anything. She is probably allergic to clothes. Anyway, Capone starts talking and you can see Luffy there being very serious and he is thinking, which does not happen very often And I start thinking this meeting is very important since even Luffy is using his brain.

But we got trolled again. Great Job Oda. This chapter is really great, it does have a little bit of everything I said in the previous review that, that guy looks like Caesar and in this chapter, this is confirmed I wonder if Capone will use Caesar’s gas, to create an opening or take out at least half of Big Mom’s army.

Because the poison gas is very effective, we saw what it did to the Minks And this could be one of the reasons why Capone said that he got a perfect plan. Anyway, what do you guys think about this chapter? Let me know in the comments.

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