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The Worst Generation Roles in the Yonko Saga
by Roronoa
Apr 17, 2017 / 0 comments

The Eleven Supernovas | The Worst Generation

The dawn of New Age eversince these new wave of pirates, gathered at Sabaody Archipelago, along with the rise of Blackbeard and arrival of Cavendish “The White Prince”, as well as, Bartolomeo, “The Cannibal”, the motion of big changes in the Grand Line had been set in motion. The death of Whitebeard and Portgas D Ace during the “War of the Best” and the downfall of Donquixote Doflamingo at the hands of Monkey D Luffy, and Trafalgar D Water Law’s Alliance, signaled the start of the takeover by these young, but daring pirates. Somewhere in the New World, another alliance were also making a significant move. In this theory, we will discuss the situation, and important roles of these dangerous pirates in the upcoming, “Yonko War Saga”.

Eustass “Captain” Kidd, “The Magician”, Basil Hawkins and “The Roar of the Sea”, Scratchmen Apoo

It had been said, that the only way to survive the New World, is to “serve under a Yonkou”, or take down one of the legendary emperors and like Monkey D Luffy and Trafalgar Law, Eustass Kidd’s preference is clear. It had been revealed that the alliance between Eustass Kidd, Basil Hawkins and Scratchmen Apoo had been formed, in order to take down one of the Yonkou.

The Captain of the Red Hair Pirates Shanks – This brings up a question “why are they targeting Shanks?” Like Trafalgar Law, targeting Kaido, in order to bring Doflamingo down with him, there must be a good reason, behind Eustass Kidd’s plot against Shanks. In chapter 677, we could observe, that the one who called Hawkins, and Apoo for the alliance, is the right hand man of the Kidd Pirates, Killer.

Although it’s Killer, who arranged for this meeting, its safe to assume that the one, who decides who their target was, is Eustass Kidd himself. Therefore, we can conclude that the one who got a deeper motive to take down Shanks, is Eustass Kidd. The question now would be: “what is Kidd’s grudge against Shanks?” I believe, that in order to trace the grudge of Kidd against Shanks, we should go back to the very first time Shanks was introduced into the series. Shanks was first introduced at the start of the series, on Chapter 1.

This chapter gave us the event of Red Hair Shanks, handing over the symbolic “Straw Hat” to a certain boy named, Monkey D Luffy. Simply said, Eustass Kidd’s grudge against Shanks, stems around 9 years ago before Shanks settled in the New World. It appears that Shanks had been travelling throughout the seas freely, anchoring and stopping regularly in the island of Foosha Village, which we know, as Monkey D Luffy’s hometown. It’s fair to assume that Shanks is not doing these regular stops at Monkey D Luffy’s hometown for nothing. I believe that Red Hair Shanks is doing this to look for the successor of Roger’s Hat, his former captain, the Pirate King.

Please leave it as that for now, as I need to make a separate video to discuss the reason behind Shanks’ actions and the meaning behind the infamous strawhat. All I would say for now, is that Shanks had different encounters with 3 familiar faces during his travels, while carrying the strawhat, that he got from Gol D Roger. These 3 people will have a significant connection to Shanks’ fate: Monkey D Luffy, Marshall D Teach, “Blackbeard” and Eustass “Captain” Kidd: or should I say; Eustass D Kidd. Yes I believe that Captain Kidd, also came from that mysterious lineage; this requires another separate video I would assume that the grudge of Captain Kidd against Shanks connects with Shanks’ decision of giving Luffy the Straw Hat.

I believe that like Luffy, Shanks also met a young Captain Kidd regularly during his travels in the Four Blues. Obviously, Kidd also admired Shanks back then, the only difference is, Shanks had chosen Luffy instead of him. It’s not that Kidd wanted the strawhat literally, but recognizing that Luffy had Shanks’ important hat, probably appeared to him that Shanks favored Luffy instead of him. I will expand on this theory, in a video i will upload soon called “The Guides of Monkey D. Luffy”.

Moving unto the present events, Kidd would have to forget about clashing with Shanks for now, as during Chapter 795, Kidd, and his Alliance, met another equally terrifying Yonkou of the New World “The World’s Strongest Creature”: Kaido, of the Hundred Beasts. This raises another question “what happened during this encounter with Kaido?” Before we move forward with this theory, keep in mind that Captain Kidd and Scratchmen Apoo, always had friction between them for some reason, Captain Kidd being a hot blooded brute and Scratchmen Apoo being a boisterous man, they seemed to have been on bad terms, ever since their meeting at Sabaody Archipelago.

Chapter 821, revealed Scratchmen Apoo reporting to Kaido, and Kidd was shown being highly injured in the latest chapter, 824, with these revelations, I am now speculating that Apoo actually worked for Kaido, even before he joined the “alliance” with Kidd. Observing their faces from the moment they met Kaido, it seems that only Captain Kidd was the one who acted highly threatened, upon the sight of one of the four emperors, and notice that Basil Hawkins, got a thought bubble on him as well, hinting that he immediately recognized the graveness of the situation, the moment he saw Kaido, with Hawkins having a large scowl on his face, almost showing fear, which is very telling, considering that he never even changed his facial expression, even at the front of Admiral Kizaru, also note that only Kidd and Hawkins, are the ones who were shown upon the fall of Kaido, in Kidd’s base. Although these observations are not clear evidences that Apoo is already allied with Kaido, I believe its a good explanation, on why Apoo is suddenly reporting to Kaido at the end of Chapter 821. I believe that Apoo had been under Kaido, even before he joined Kidd’s Alliance, and as soon as Kaido accidentally fell in Kidd’s base, Apoo immediately backstabbed Kidd and Hawkins, in order to save himself, from Kaido’s wrath.

The mystery after the revelation of Kidd’s capture is why Killer and Hawkins are not there? We will try to speculate on this later. Scratchmen Apoo as we all know, is an ally of Kaido’s Pirate Crew. Although, I believe that at the aftermath of this saga, Apoo would prove to be quite a backstabber, and reveal who he really works for: another one of the Four Emperors, Marshall D Teach, the infamous “Blackbeard”. Scratchmen Apoo was based off the legendary Chinese Pirate, Chui Apoo, like Blackbeard, who was based off the actual historical pirate, Edward Teach.

Chui Apoo, is a Chinese Pirate, who partnered with another Chinese Pirate legend named, Shap Ng Tsai, during 1800s. He was betrayed by his crew members after his partner, Shap Ng Tsai, was defeated by the British forces. I believe that Oda, would base Apoo’s actions, to the Chinese historical pirate Apoo, however, Oda would reverse the story a little to change things around. I call this type of writing by Oda, as a, “Reverse Reference”

Speaking of Oda’s writing, I would create a series of videos in the future, explaining the interesting ways, that Oda-san uses, to write One Piece, it may be a current existing literary device, or a new style of writing that Oda-San came up with as I mentioned earlier, a literary style I referred to as a “Reverse Reference”. Going back to the topic, about Apoo, and him, being modeled after Chui Apoo, instead of being betrayed by his crew members after the defeat of Shap Ng Tsai, the Apoo of One Piece, will instead be the one, to betray Kaido, and his crew, after Kaido gets defeated by the British Forces.

Kaido, representing Shap Nung Tsai, as Kaido seems to have a Chinese theme, like Apoo, and the “British Forces” represented by the Strawhat Alliance, which includes, Trafalgar Law Trafalgar: being a reference to a place in Westminster, at United Kingdom And then instead of being captured by British Forces, Apoo would instead join a group that also had a British reference: Marshall D Teach, or Blackbeard who is modeled after a British Pirate.

Although, this doesn’t mean that I think that Apoo, is the “mysterious” 10th Fleet Commander of Blackbeard, the identity of the 10th Blackbeard Pirates Member, would be discussed in a different theory. Finally, Hawkins, who also had been betrayed, by Apoo, escaped Kaido’s rampage along with Killer, I believe, will encounter Luffy, who is in his way to Whole Cake Island, and this would result in Hawkins and Killer, joining the Straw hat Alliance. Killer would play a special role in the Whole Cake Island Arc, which would be discussed in a separate video As for Hawkins, he would encounter another new member, of the Strawhat Alliance that knows him very well, once the Strawhats reunite in Wano-Kuni.

“The Red Flag”, X-Drake X-Drake, I believe would be recruited by Law and Zoro’s group, that is going to Wano-Kuni and X-Drake will reveal that Hawkins is a member of an influential Family. Basil Hawkins came from the Hawkins Family one of the 20 Family we know now, as the Celestial Dragons.

Although, like the Nefertaris, and the Donquixotes, The Hawkins Family are residing outside of the Holy Kingdom of Marijoies. I will discuss the theory about the secret of the Celestial Dragons, The Five Elder Stars, and the 20 Families that established the world government in a separate theory. The reason why I believe that Drake and Hawkins will join sides and had a history between them, is because of them two, being loosely inspired from two, prominent privateers, and naval captains: Sir Francis Drake and Sir John Hawkins. These 2 historical Naval Figures, are cousins, although I don’t believe that, Drake and Hawkins are in any way related by blood. Drake and Hawkins both came from North Blue and North Blue, seems to be the wealthier side, among the four blues.

I also believe that North Blue had been a dumping ground for illegitimate sons, or rejects of the World Nobles which i’ll explain in my upcoming theory, about Germa 66 and Big Mom’s Arc. The reason why I believe in Hawkins being a Celestial Dragon is because, the historical Sir John Hawkins, was also born from a “prominent family” it was also said that John Hawkins was a “slave trader”.

This is a possible connection between the Hawkins family and the Black Market. These are my predictions on the roles that Captain Kidd, Hawkins, and Apoo, will play in the upcoming, “Yonko Saga”. I will discuss more about the future of Kidd, Apoo, Hawkins and the rest of the Worst Generation’s future, and final roles, in another video called “The Fate of the Worst Generation”. However, I will discuss the roles, of other Supernovas, including, Jewelrey Bonney, X-Drake, Urouge and Capone, in the upcoming, “Yonko Saga” in my next video.

As well as Killer, who will play an important role soon, in the same saga The Worst Generation: they are beginning to change the balance of power, of the world.

Theory by Beck26

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