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The Traitors of Zou | One Piece Theory
by Roronoa
Apr 19, 2017 / 0 comments

How did Jack knew that Raizo was in the country of the Minkmen? And what is the reason why Jack was able to return to the ever moving Island of Zou? In this short theory, we will discuss the possibility of a traitor among the Minkmen race and the impact it would have in the story. Please keep in mind the previous theory I made entitled “Sanji and the Hidden Vinsmokes” as some parts of those theories are connected to this theory.

This theory would tackle the first half of what would happen with the team of Momonosuke and Duke Inuarashi that was left behind in Zou in order for Momo to learn the secret of Zunisha. The second half of the theory of what would happen in Zou, which is the secret of Zunisha, will be discussed in an upcoming video after this. By this point, it’s almost obvious that someone among the Minkmen gave a Vivre Card to Jack, as well as giving Jack the information that Raizo is at Zo, reason why Jack was able to go to Zou the first time and retrace the island back even though the country of Zou cannot be traced by a Log Pose. One theory I saw is a theory made by my friend: Joy Boy, in which he is predicting that Pedro or Carrot as the possible traitors of the Minkmen: but I beg to disagree. Looking back to my theory about Pedro being Sanji’s hidden brother, I did say that Pedro is a reference to the 4th Musketeer in reverse.

Because instead of joining the 3 Musketeers, he is at feud with them and I believe that instead of the Musketeers being heroes, like in the novel of Alexandre Dumas, in Oda’s reference, the Three Musketeers are actually the hidden villains. Yes, I predict that one of the traitors of Zou are the Three Musketeers, led by Sicilian And in the novel as well, I believe that Duke Inuarashi represents the Duke of Buckingham, which is actually a villain, but would be the hero in Oda’s reference. The Duke of Buckingham is also supposed to be assassinated in the story of the Three Musketeers.

But remember that I said “One of the Traitors” because the Three Musketeers, I believe, are not the only traitors of the Minkmen. I believe that the Three Musketeers of Zou are actually serving the equivalent of “Milady of Winter”, which is the villain of the novel Three Musketeers. One of the Four Emperors, Big Mom And if the Three Musketeers of Zou are actually serving under Big Mom, then who gave the Vivre Card to Jack? I believe the Mink who serves under Kaido, and is the cause of all these attacks on Zou Is none other than: Yomo, the Sheep.

Or maybe, a wolf in a sheep’s clothing? Not to mention that Yomo’s loose translation to Japanese Language is “of the Underworld” I have a theory coming up that Kaido is based off the King of the Underworld: King Yama and it’s obvious that Kaido is also based off the Mythological Japanese Yokai, which is known as “Oni” Sheeps also symbolizes dreams and nightmares, is it possible that Yomo’s ability causes sleep or drowsiness? “A Wolf in a Sheep’s clothing”, Ussop might need to “Cry Wolf” again.

Theory by Beck26

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