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The Secret of the Nefertari Family
by Roronoa
Apr 18, 2017 / 0 comments

One Piece Chapter 823 revolved around the upcoming meeting, among the members of the World Government’s Royal Families: The “Reverie”, at the Holy Kingdom of Marjoies. Among the families that is going to attend this important meeting, is the Royal Family of Alabasta, the Nefertaris.

A family that is also one of the 20 families that defeated the Ancient Kingdom during the Void Century; A group we know these days as, the Tenryuubitos, or, the Celestial Dragons. The Nefertaris are one of the 2 known Royal Families, that is not residing atop the Red Line at Marijoies, like the Donquixote Family. Although, unlike the Donquixote Family, the Nefertaris refused to live in Marijoies, ever since the times of the Void Century. In this theory, we will try to uncover the secret of the Nefertari Family, and the Poneglyphs, that is in their domain for centuries. Why would a family, who took down the Ancient Kingdom, possess one of their Poneglyph? What did the King of Nefertari did, to acquire that Poneglyph? During this chapter, it was shown, how Nefertari Cobra was looking for an answer, from the World Government itself about the history of the Nefertaris during the Void Century, and its connection to the Poneglyphs, after encountering Nico Robin, the last scholar of Ohara.

Back in One Piece Chapter 202, while Nico Robin was going to the Poneglyphs’ location, along with Nefertari Cobra, a certain scene will show that Nico Robin’s demeanor had changed, as soon as Cobra mentioned that the, “Alabasta Kingdom protected the “True History”. It would be safe to assume that Cobra knows what’s written in the Poneglyphs, but I would say that we can also conclude that he never knew about the history, of why the Poneglyphs was even there in Alabasta. What caused Nico Robin’s change in behaviour, at the mention of Alabasta protecting the Poneglyphs? It’s because Nico Robin already deciphered several Poneglyphs before that, and among those Poneglyphs, Robin probably knows what happened to some parts of history. It is confirmed that the Poneglyphs in Alabasta details the location of one of the Ancient Weapons, Pluton and its understandable, that people would think that Pluton is also located in Alabasta, But in my opinion, Pluton is actually somewhere else.

Simply said, the Nefertari Family never really owned the Poneglyphs that is in their possession. Adding that, to the Nefertari Family being one of the 20 Kingdoms, that brought down the Ancient Kingdom, and Nico Robin’s change in behaviour, i have come to a conclusion. The Nefertari Family stole the Poneglyphs from its original location, during the Void Century, and they refused to reside in Marijoies in order to keep the Poneglyphs for themselves, and find Pluton for themselves, in futility. As for the location of Pluton, I will explain everything in detail in a separate theory, but I will leave you with this: There used to be, 2 Plutons in existence, one is the Pluton that can be built from start, which the blueprint, was burned by Franky. The final existing Pluton, is an actual ship, hidden somewhere in the New World, an island that the Straw hat Pirates would visit soon.

The Land of Giant Warriors, Elbaf. This is the secret of The Nefertari family, lost in time but the crime, passed down through generations.

Theory By Beck26

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