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The Last Two Nakama: Their Powers and Roles | One Piece Theory
by Roronoa
Apr 17, 2017 / 0 comments

hi guys, it’s Wasabifold here And I’m gonna try to keep this video as short as possible

Umm, basically this will be my formal presentation for my last two nakama theory that I alluded to in my “How to Pick the Next Nakama” Discussion I’d also like to say, thanks to everyone for all the support Like, Share, Comment and Subscribe If this is the first video you’re seeing from me, check out the rest of the videos on my channel and let’s just get in to it Now, by the title you can already tell, I believe there are only going to be two more nakama All those reasons are presented in the “How to Pick the Next Nakama Discussion” video, so I won’t get into those here

What I will say iswhat I will be dealing with in this theory is, what those two positions will be and also what powers they might have

and also when they might be introduced into the story So firstly, the two positions are gonna be a Helmsman and a Coating Mechanic

This was inspired mainly by Beck’s Raftel Theory where he talks about under Reverse Mountain possibly being the location for Raftel I think this is best Raftel Theory And

I really took inspiration from that to make this theory and I tried to find two roles that would assist the crew on that final journey to Raftel under the assumption that it is under Reverse Mountain, and the first one that came to mind was a Helmsman now, in Blackbeard’s crew, we were introduced to the first and only named Helmsman in the entire series in Jesus Burgess and I think it’s significant that Blackbeard, a pirate of 20 years experience, in his crew, got a helmsman, within the first five that really shows that a helmsman is important in the New World, maybe it wasn’t as important in Paradise, but it seems like it would be more important when you’re getting near Raftel

Because Raftel is an island that only one crew in history has ever reached and you want the best of every position there, to lead you on that path to Raftel It just makes the most sense to have the best in every position so that’s why I believe that Helmsman is a very important position to be filled in the crewand the next position is the coating mechanic because if Raftel is Under Reverse Mountain it makes sense that you would have a coating mechanic in the crew, and a coating mechanic would be able to coat the ship at a moment’s notice, so that we could submerge, and get to underwater territories now this does have more uses than just getting to Raftel, if Raftel is under the Reverse Mountain It does give us a tactical advantage We would be able to do like Whitebeard can coat our ship and travel underwater We could sneak up on the marines just like Whitebeard did So a Coating Mechanic and a Helmsman, I think those are the two main positions, that would be needed to reach Raftel

at this point in the series, I can’t see anything else that would be needed so again if you watched my “How to Choose the Next Nakama” Discussion, I mentioned that there is a pattern that revealed itself in the crew such that their roles tend to influence their fighting styles quite a bit And Oda has always gone out of his way to make sure that if they don’t have it when they join, they develop it later down, as they travel with the crew, but everyone now, currently, has a fighting style that matches their role With a few exceptions, those being Robin, whose role is not Pirate crew related and Luffy, who is the captain and main protagonist but everyone else matches so I believe this pattern actually does matter as far as lesser roles are concerned in the crew and for a helmsman then, the role would have to match his skill set and a helmsman would be an expert at reading Ocean currents, at piloting a ship at knowing how to move a vessel through the ocean water with the LEAST path of resistance, wherever possible That would be ideal

So I believe that a helmsman will end up being a fishman The same water that he has to guide the ship through, he uses to fight I think that creates a great thematic line there Who could be a better helmsman than someone who has spent his entire life in the ocean? I also believe that the next fishman (nakama) should have a deep connection to being a slave To match the aesthetic of Fishman Island and what the plights of his people have always been about I believe that a next helmsman will be the fishman nakama Now, as for when he will join, I will get into that later

in this video (not actually in this video) Now the next one I want to talk about is the coating mechanic and this is the most extensive one to talk about Because this role has a lot of issues straight from the get-go that you can look at For a coating mechanic there is the problem of the resin that’s needed to coat a ship, It’s supposed to be exclusive to Sabaody Archipelago

you’re only supposed to be able to coat ships there because of the special environment in the air created by the mangroves and there are all these restrictions on coating, as far as it’s related on Paradise and we have not been given any alternative, even though people expect that there should be some alternative so you’re wondering how coating a ship would even work (as a position)? Well I believe these problems can be overcome by a Devil Fruit If the Coating Mechanic has a devil fruit, that can create a substance that is ideal for coating but doesn’t also have those same restrictions, then we instantly a coater who is unique among coating mechanics

A coater who can coat whenever we need it And whenever we may want to use it and a coater who would be using this Devil Fruit to fight So immediately, you have a theme there that matches (that parallels) just like the Fishman matching the helmsman position, A coater with a Devil fruit that could fill all these requirements would match this crew so now we have to look at Devil Fruits in the crew to see if there are any theories relating to this Any patterns that have emerged and the one major one is the “Odachi Code” theory, as I like to call it It deals with an SBS post that was proposed to Oda by a Japanese fan

And basically she proposed the idea that Oda was using Goroawase to choose the names of the Devil Fruits in the crew For those who don’t know, Goroawase is a Japanese game, where certain phrases or Japanese syllables(pronunciations) are used to represent certain numbers, and people take those syllables and construct little memory phrases to help them remember dates and numbers that can be decoded and Manga Artist use it to make very clever puns in their own series For instance, Ichigo is a pun done by Kubo Because “Ichi” represents 1 in Goroawase and “Go” represents 5 Thus, Ichigo equals 15, and Ichigo was 15 years old at the start of the series and his birthday is on the 15th so when you look at that, you can see that they love to use this to make a little pun(s) so she was proposing the idea that Oda was using Goroawase to make a pun game out of the crew’s DFs

and she presented her evidence and her evidence was pretty damning Of course Oda denied it, but basically she presented the evidenece that 1 and 10 is Chopper because he’s “Hi”(1) and “To”(10) Brooke’s fruit the Yomi Yomi no mi is 4(“Yo”), 3(“Mi”) Luffy’s is 5-6 (Gomu Gomu no mi “Go”=5 “Mu”=6) And Robin’s was 8-7 (Hana Hana no mi “Ha”=8 “Na”=7) She then proposed the idea that maybe Oda was trying to say that Kuma would join Because his fruit, Nikyu Nikyu no mi, is 2(“Ni”)-9(“Kyu”) in Goroawase But what was omitted (not considered) was the fact that Goroawase is not so simple

Goroawase actually goes from 0-10 and there are a lot more complex combinations that can be formed So I made my own theory on this but I noticed something right away when looking at the Goroawase combination and that was that Robin didn’t actually have to be 8-7 as was originally thought by the Japanese poster because if you use the more complex Goroawase “Na”, that syllable that creates the second half of Robin’s fruit’s name could actually be 0, AS WELL AS, 7 It could represent either one so I believe that Robin is not 8-7, she(her fruit) is actually 8-0!! so now let’s look at the crew’s (devil fruits) actual designations according to that format

We have Robin at 8-0, Chopper at 1-10 Brooke is 4-3, and Luffy is 5-6 Then you have a situation where 2,7 and 9 are actually available for use Now someone did mention in my theory (thread) when I did this on Orojackson, that Luffy doesn’t actually have to be 5-6 that he could be something else BUT I do actually believe that he is 5-6 Because of a pun that Oda made right at the end of Dressrosa when we first got our Strawhat Grand Fleet which was that our total number of followers added up exactly to 5600 and I think Oda was definitely making a pun there based on the Goroawase combination for Luffy’s DF which was Gomu Gomu, which is 5 (“Go”)-6(“Mu”) And for him to have 5600 followers, I think that is definite proof that Luffy is actually 5-6 and that, there is no reason to change Luffy from that combination So we basically got the Go-Mu fleet which I think was kind of clever from Oda

I think something that is lost in translation that you could never get being an English reader I believe that Luffy stays the same, Brooke stays the same, Choper stays the same, Robin is 8-0 But 2,7 and 9 opens up a whole bunch of possibilities For one thing, it makes it even more likely that Nami will get Monet’s fruit from the Nami-Monet DF Theory that has been circulating around the community for OVER a year now mainly because Monet’s Fruit the Yuki Yuki no mi is 7(“Yu”)-9(“Ki”) so like I said, I moved Robin off of 7, and therefore the Yuki Yuki no mi is 7-9 so with that added in and let’s say that theory is correct, we end up with 0,1,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, 10 all accounted for

The only thin missing is 2 and this brings me right back around to the DF that I was talking about that would be perfect for a coating mechanic Because then I have to ask myself Is Oda trying to avoid repetition (completely)? Is that the game he is playing? Or is Oda trying to use every single Goroawase syllable, from the entire list AT LEAST once? To represent each number AT LEAST once with the Devil fruits in the crew

Going with the second option means that Oda could actually overwrite and add a 6th DF user into the crew So that would leave us in a situation with 6 DF users to the 5 non-DF users, assuming a Fishman does join And what I thought about, using this “2” syllable,in a fruit that would be perfect for coating would be able to be used at any time, would be waterproof And I really spent a lot of time researching what would be needed to create a coating-like substance And I settled on this particular fruit, which AMAZINGLY fits perfectly And that’s the Mitsu Mitsu no mi “Mi” is from the 3 syllable, and “Tsu”, fits the 2-syllable and uses up that Goroawase option And this fruit translates as the Honey fruit or Beeswax Fruit

First of all this is a unique fruit in the crew We don’t have a fruit that produces a substance but the user can’t become it This would be a fruit similar to Mr3’s CandleWax fruit, or to Magellan’s Poison fruit A substance where you can create forms and shapes out of it, but you can’t BECOME it

So it doesn’t make it a Logia So I do believe this would be a paramecia I do believe that this fruit would be perfect Because it fits all the requirements for a material that is similar to the resin And also giving us that pattern where it creates a parallel between the Devil Fruit(Role) and the Fighting Style INSTANTLY, because he’s a coater and he’d be using his honey substance to fight It fits PERFECTLY!! It took me a long time to find this I don’t know Japanese, so it took me a long time to research this But I came up with that fruit(Mitsu Mitsu no mi)

So what I’m thinking is that we are gonna get a Coating Mechanic who uses honey to coat the ship So those are the two nakama positions that I’m thinking of The fighting styles that I’m thinking of It matches with the current patterns in the crew It gives another fruit user who’s not too overpowered, but it also gives us a Fishman

And even better the Mitsu Mitsu no mi, might actually be the only DF user who could swim If he could waterproof and coat himself, he could dive into the ocean and stay in it for a limited amount of time Before it begins to affect him or degrade away at his DF powers So that’s my “Last Two Nakama” Theory What I’ll do is I’ll split this into two parts and I’ll deal with when they will actually join, in a whole new theory that follows this one

So this will be Part 1 and then we will deal with Part 2 (music playing)

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