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The Last Road Poneglyph | One Piece Theory
by Roronoa
Apr 15, 2017 / 0 comments

Big topic, new theory: Where is the lost Poneglyph? Or I can say, who has it? The road poneglyphs with a strange way, follow a myth, the four Chinese symbols: Dragon, Tiger, Turtle and Phoenix. There is an opinion, that with studying these mythological creatures, one is able to learn about the scientific advances of the ancient Chinese, and their belief system, and the way they perceived and explained the world they lived.

That is a big resemble Ancient Kingdom from One Piece, considering that they had something more, that World Government want to hide, and maybe it’s not only their philosophy but possible their science or even their technology. For learn about the Ancient Kingdom, is necessary to go at Raftel, and for going there is necessary to decoding the four road Poneglyphs, like in the myth the four beasts Now, the three of the knowns Poneglyphs are fitting to these creatures The first road Poneglyph, we have seen, that located on Zou has to do with the Phoenix The symbol of Kouzuki clan is very similar to Vermillion Bird.

Also, the name of phoenix in Chinese is known as Zhu Que The “zhu” has a similar pronounce with Zou island, the place where this poneglyph is. After is the road Poneglyph of Big Mom. It follows the turtle. First is that the Chinese name of the creature is Zhi Ming.

“Ming” could be a reference with Mink in One Piece story But what we have in Big Mom’s crew? We have a Mink who has eaten a devil fruit who makes him a turtle Plus, this mythical beast has a connection with North And we see that Big Mom and her arc are important for the North Blue, so Big Mom has the two features of the turtle Chinese beast, and her poneglyph so The third known road is that Kaido has.

And we can relate it with the Dragon creature, the Azure Dragon Seems this is obvious, but if you think that Kaido is the enemy of Wano country, and Wano has a story with fighting dragons, like the Ryuuma legend or what Kinemon said about dragons, there is a good connection It doesn’t matter really if Kaido has the dragon devil fruit or not, or he could have a crew member with that fruit, but his position opposite Wano and his appearance give the Dragon beast hint The last road poneglyph, the one who is known as the lost, is that resembles Tiger Tiger has been drawn many times in covers or somehow in the story.

But there is one who’s holding the message of the last poneglyph! The Legend of the Sacred Burning Beast of Baldimore, that is connected with a blazing tiger At Karakuri island, Franky caused this incident and gave the rumor of this legend The mythological tiger creature has the element metal and it was held to be the God of War.

I should remind Franky has the theme of metal and he is a creator of warships, he is like a war god But the point is not at Frankyit’s for where Franky caused this incident.

It was the birthplace of Vegapunk With the indirectly way we know that Vegapunk hides the road Poneglyph. It makes more sense than you think because seems that Roger didn’t own any Poneglyph, he just “stole” them with his ability Or he made allies for take them. It’s very important for World Government to having a trump card like this, and if someone by their side would have it, this could be Vegapunk

Why haven’t they problem with the existence of Poneglyphs, but with the ability to understand them? Because, they have one important piece of the world, and they can play a role in the road of finding Raftel After, we know that Luffy will meet Vegapunk, and because he follows Roger’s journey, Roger might have met Vegapunk and took or stole something important from him and this was road Poneglyph Now, what will be Vegapunk? An ally or a foe? We will see Thank you much for watching Rate and Share this theory

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