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In this theory I will discuss about the CP0 and Straw Hats in the EOS.


Cipher Pol Zero of the World Government

Let’s talk about the ending of One Piece, the war on Marijoies. In this war, the Straw Hat crew and many allies will face against the Government; from the Cipher Pols to the Fleet Admiral Sakazuki. Many think that the CP0 will face against these guys


But I actually believe the CP0 true enemies will be against Dragon and the rest of the RA

The reason why I think the Straw Hats won’t battle them is because they already are dealing with many enemies. The CP0 are destined to be extreme powerhouses and definitely ensure their enemies much trouble, correct? Well, why would Oda design them to have a battle with the Straw Hats.

With the battle against Kaido and the Yonkou coming up, where are we going to get time for a full-out brawl between the Straw Hats and CP0. And, because of the CP0 speculated-power, we’re going to most likely need a whole arc for the straw hats to battle them. Wouldn’t that destroy the whole time flow of the series?

I think the CP0’s strengths will probably be hinted soon in the series, but a battle from them will be fully shown with the RA in the final war.

So basically I think that the SH will be fighting in the war, and then Dragon will come and blow away a CP (The agent could be leaping up to Luffy, and then Dragon attacks him right before Luffy gets hit) like very far away with a super attack.

This will give time for Luffy to talk to Dragon and then Dragon to quickly show his son his powers in a super battle against the CP. While he does that the things will continue normally and etc. There will most likely be more than just 3 CP0 agents, so they might have battles with every member of the RA.

Or Dragon might take them all on and unleash his full capability and also show the power of CP, and maybe some other people will help Dragon out because CP have to be very powerful.

Maybe Dragon will fight against a Gorosei or Fleet Admiral. But we all want Luffy to fight Sakazuki, right?

*Theory by Red Beard

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