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Shanks vs Kaido | One Piece Theory
by Roronoa
Apr 17, 2017 / 0 comments

The war in Marineford was one of the highlights of the entire manga, One Piece. The outcome of this battle has profoundly shocked the world either on the side pirates with the death of Whitebeard, the strongest man of the world, eg Yonkou, ace captain his second fleet or Marine’s resignation, Sengoku and promoting Akainu as chief admiral.

All of these we inform the world of One Piece universe is not fixed but is instead very unstable. Just one or more significant dead to upset the order established, which explains the meteoric rise of Black Beard. The post Yonkou know that even if this battle is now behind us, it did, however, introduced a clash that is still a mystery to us: Shanks vs Kaido Shanks.

Kaido vs Shanks, a great mystery, a priori A battle which we heard at Marineford but that is totally today went by the wayside. Now, we all know that this is not trivial. We are not talking of a vulgar vulgar engeulade between two pirates but a meeting and confrontation between two of the most powerful pirates of his world.

The big question is “what has it really happened? Why this confrontation is totally gone by the wayside and everyone in beats peanuts? “That’s what we’ll try to answer now ! Well first, gather all the information that we have: We know that the arrest of Portgas D Ace, the former commander of the Second Fleet. White Beard created the biggest hell that we have known so far that was the Battle of Marineford. During the battle, two forces opposed : Marine and Whitebeard Pirates. We knew that at the time, Whitebeard was sick and in going to Marineford he knew he would return in not alive. For its part, the navy, it has mobilized all its military forces Shichibukai and admirals to withstand the onslaught and defeat Whitebeard.

But finally, as you know Whitebeard will die and his death marks the end of an era, an era where already reigned the Yonkou but especially the era or Gol D Roger became the pirate king to make way for a new there. This change of era is crucial to understand one thing: that Kaido have desired move directly on to face Marineford. Whitebeard and navy that it wanted to die but mostly disappear with dignity the strongest man in the world during an epic battle. Therefore, it is logical to say that if Kaido decided to get under way to Marineford, it is obvious that it was not going to go alone but, instead, There was accompanied by his entire fleet.

But ultimately, it will fail to reach Marineford because we learn that someone has managed to stop the Emperor on time and that person is Shanks. Well, if shanks stopped Kaido, it is clear that the crews of both were Yonkou faced but oddly upon the arrival of Shanks on Marineford, he and his crew did not seem to have fought, they were literally undermined as ever spitz and boutin. At this point, either we make as sure and it starts to not think and say silly Shanks is hottest, it is too strong, the strongest. All Yonkou, stronger Goku or you ask yourself and you if you analysis and analysis well you understand things live two capitals: • the first is that Shanks is not the kind of hothead who fights if there is not a good reason, on the contrary, it is even more the type peaceful, proof of fuchsia when a thief broke a bottle of alcohol on the head, which is a huge lack of respect, me you make me that I fucks you, Shanks laughed him Upon arrival at Marineford, he quit the war in wanting to avoid another massacre This means that Shanks is not someone beast or impulsive and that going to meet one of Kaido had a plan

This leads us to the last point is clear to him, clear and precise and that point is: Shanks did not face Kaido Clearly it’s like that, not looking beyond that is logical because if two Yonkou fight, there must be collateral damage and we would have heard that an island would gone where there would be dead as we learned during the fall of Baltigo In addition, Kaido is immortal and I can not see Shanks, even if it is extra strong, fight and face an immortal, it would make the strongest man of the manga and only not true Fight with the most powerful and immortal creature of One Piece and after reach Marineford in “there’s nothing guys, I’m too hot” No it’s not possible! The question now is “how he did it? How he stopped Kaido if he does not fight? “and believe me this is where it gets interesting • Should I remind you where we ? One is in One Piece, a manga pirates and hackers is not for children choir, some certainly do not act as such, ie, they do not plunder, not or do not give steal “the collision” but all crews in One Piece have common: they love feasting, partying and drinking above

Alcohol has a very important place in One Piece • Indeed, whether ceremony sake for sealing a sibling relationship, or both where Gol D Roger shared his last drink with Rayleigh or the day he wanted to reveal the truth the D and Raftel Whitebeard All these important moments of One Piece have link alcohol This powerful nectar that can make the shyest or most joyful fierce gentle as lambs, it is ironic huh • But wait a minute

a character in One Piece does not support alcohol and that person is not er Kaido by chance! Yes yes it can be touched by the different states that provide alcohol: alcohol can indeed make merry as sad as angry etc This information is revealed in Chapter 824

• So Kaido does not take alcohol, it’s funny that for a Yonkou Anyway, finally we not advance Kaido masses is very sensitive to alcohol and then yes yes but wait which character is strongly linked to alcohol in One Piece? Yes it’s Shanks! Well yes, remember when meeting Mihawks and Shanks or that of Ace Shanks or Whitebeard and Shanks finally

A common thread binds all these meetings and this point is alcohol Shanks love feast drink so suddenly and responsive to Kaido alcohol • It is more than obvious that Shanks was to come to Marineford to stop the war from the beginning Manage Navy and White Beard promised to be a losing task because forces were too high but most manage Kaido was unthinkable here why he stopped Kaido offering to drink sake as in the heyday because Kaido was already there in time Roger and they necessarily the clash So he knows well Shanks

And even Shanks of play everything on it is tell propose sake Kaido hoping that is softened with alcohol and can not try to go to Marineford And he necessarily say the crucial thing to accept this thing and it was as if he went to Marineford he would die no matter what but nevertheless there was a person who, later, will be able to end his days in an epic battle and that person he talked about is the person for whom Shanks sacrificed his right arm and bet on the future and the new generation that person was Luffy • • Kaido knows the combat Shanks value as the White Beard also knew and the fact that he lost an arm to this famous person has allowed to Kaido agreeing to wait a little longer that person come to him Moreover, as Whitebeard Shanks sees it when Kaido must surely recall memories of Roger Kaido and as you know Roger left many scars to Whitebeard in battle: the strongest man of the world he probably also hurt the the most powerful creature in the world where the scar Kaido that has on the abdomen would be the one that Roger was the only one to impose Yes we knows that Kaido is immortal and yet this one has a single scar abdomen, this means that only one person was able to touch and to the serious bodily injury and that person is necessarily the former Pirate King

Effectively it would give the stamp and the importance to the character of Gol D Roger was still the ruler of the pirates, the strongest man of all that is on Seas whether pirates, sea, mermen or sea king Furthermore, inevitably it was stronger than the strongest man in the world so Whitebeard, and the strongest creature in the world is Kaido And the fact that it is the former crew member Roger, who at the time inherited his straw hat and so his will, make a request of this sort was necessarily touched and soothed so it does not go into battle at Marineford Well anyway, it was not without Consequently because Kaido is not the kind of person with whom it is easy to negotiate, so it is clear that it does not go to Marineford another condition of be made and this condition is Shanks of life, if it does not Luffy and his word that fails to kill Kaido Shanks die it’s that simple than that, you do not stop a Yonkou and its entire fleet without consequences

here why as he bet his arm that Luffy has again but this bet both his own life In short ultimately Shanks and Kaido does not fight, but Shanks played on his luck and alcohol to soften Kaido so it does not go to Marineford But, this confrontation is not inconsequential because Shanks has bet his life on Luffy, because he thinks it will be the only one who finds a way to defeat Kaido Well, this is the end of the video, do not hesitate to drop a big blue thumb If you enjoyed, it is important for the chain, do not hesitate to activate the bell to be notified as soon as I leave a video to not miss anything !! I opportunity to tell you about my new show AFRO KULTURE where I tell you about my readings coming out soon so I count on you And finally I’m on Facebook Twitter and Instagram to be aware of future videos! Sayonara Frerot

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