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Shanks vs Kaido, Did They Fight? – One Piece Theory
by Roronoa
Sep 11, 2017 / 0 comments

When Kaido heard that Whitebeard is going to war with the World Government because they did capture one of his commanders… He wanted to be part of this war as well, but he was not able to come to MarineFord and the reason for that was Shanks.

And now the question is how did Shanks manage to stop Kaido, what happened there? Did they fight? Yes, I think they did. Kaido did not want to go to MarineFord to fight Whitebeard, if that was his goal, then he could have fought with him in the new world at any time. So, Kaido was not interested in Whitebeard but in the war, if he would have made it to MarineFord, he would have fought with both parties, the Whitebeard Pirates and the World Government. But on his road to MarineFord… Shanks and his crew did appear in front of him. When Kaido did realize what Shanks has come to do, he started to fight Shanks in order to get to MarineFord.

The idea that they didn’t fight doesn’t make sense because then you have the question why didn’t Kaido come to MarineFord. It’s not like Shanks said to Kaido, hey you will not go to MarineFord and Kaido said Yes Sir, whatever you say. They are both Yonkos, why would one do what the other is saying. Could Shanks had convinced him not to go to MarineFord with words? Based on what Oda has shown us so far about Kaido, you know that the answer to this question is a big no. There is no way that Kaido would listen to anyone.

He recognizes only one thing and that is power. Doflamingo said to Law that if he would want him dead, he should just turn Kaido against him. These words are coming from a person who works for Kaido, who is helping him achieving his dream of having a crew only of devil fruit users. If Kaido treats like this the people who are working for him, how do you think he would deal with people that are trying to stop him to do what he wants? The other thing is that what if Shanks gave something important or a treasure to Kaido… and that’s why Kaido did not go to MarineFord? This isn’t the case either, Kaido is a man who values battle and an epic death more than his life, so there is no way that he did not go for this reason.

In chapter 795 Kaido said that: “A world this mundane isn’t worth keeping around. Time to light the match to the greatest war this world has ever seen” Here we can understand that there isn’t anything in the world that Kaido wants. He is a true warrior, he only wants to fight and he wants to die in battle, just like Whitebeard did And Kaido is jealous of him, that’s why he said: “He is gone and done it now that old Whitebeard”.

And now Kaido wants to start a bigger war than MarineFord, so big that would overshadow every other war that this world has ever seen… And this way Kaido plans to surpass Whitebeard when it comes to an epic death. I think only Shanks and Kaido fought, for a couple of reasons: First of all, I don’t think Kaido’s crew would dare to attack a Yonko because they know how the outcome would be. They would attack Shanks only if they are ordered by Kaido And Kaido is not the type of guy who would order his men to fight and he himself would stay behind and watch.

We saw in chapter 795 Kaido alone against Kid, Hawkins and Apoo Alliance. It’s ironic how this group of people was supposed to take down a Yonko and his crew but they could do not anything against only a Yonko without his crew… And the other thing is that Shanks’ ship and his crew don’t look like they were in battle, there was not a single sign of battle on them. It’s understandable for Shanks not to be harmed or even if he was, he can recuperate very quickly. That’s why he is a Yonko.

All the guys that are at this level in One Piece are hardly humans anymore. The impossible is possible for them But if Shanks’ crew would have fought as well, I don’t think they would have come to MarineFord, because I don’t think they can fight two huge battles one after the other. They did not go to MarineFord to die, they were fully prepared to fight anyone there but who won? Kaido or Shanks? I think neither of them.

When two people like Kaido and Shanks fight, the battle it’s not going to be over in a couple of minutes. When Akainu and Aokiji fought in Punk Hazard, their fight did last 10 days. About Shanks and Mihawk’s fight, we don’t know for sure how long that fight was, Whitebeard only said that they fought daily. So, we can guess that a fight between the two Yonkos would be a very long one. I think after a couple of hours, Kaido did realize that he cannot defeat Shanks, at least not fast enough in order for him to get in MarineFord on time.

And that’s why I think Kaido did stop fighting and did turn away and since Shanks was not interested in fighting Kaido he did stop as well. Shanks only wanted not to let Kaido go to MarineFord and since he did achieve that, his job was done. This is very interesting, Shanks had no problem going to MarineFord and challenge everyone there to a fight But he did not want a Yonko there, he went out of his way just to prevent this. This just shows how powerful the Yonkos are.

If Kaido were to come to MarineFord, the island would probably be destroyed completely and sank in the sea.

One Piece Theory by Shadowflame

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