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Sanji and Killer are Siblings? | One Piece Theory
by Roronoa
Apr 17, 2017 / 0 comments

During the past events from this current story and the upcoming Whole Cake Island Arc, the hidden past of Sanji had surfaced which resulted into the reveal of Sanji being a member of the Vinsmoke Family, who runs an assassin group called Germa 66. But before we discuss these group of assasins, let us first observe and try to predict another important aspect of Sanji’s backstory.

It was revealed that Sanji had 2 other brothers, are that’s what most of us had assumed, since Sanji was said to be the 3rd son of the Vinsmoke Family, back when Capone handed over the Wedding Invitation, to him, from Big Mom. This revelation resulted in a lot of theories about Sanji’s brothers: one of them, in which I fully support is Sanji’s brother being the Vice-Captain of the Kidd Pirates “The Massacre Soldier” Killer. Before moving forward, I would like to recognize the following people who are the first ones to bring up the idea about Killer and Sanji possibly being related and Sanji’s shady lineage.

Speak123 from Orojackson.com, who was the first one to theorize about Sanji’s possible lineage on October 21st, 2014. Polobear Alexander from Orojacksoncom, who first theorized Killer possibly being Sanji’s brother back in May 21st, 2015.

And fellow videomaker, FlyingPandaTV, who theorized about Sanji having 2 other brothers, back in October 17th, 2015.I will put the links to their profiles and theories, please check them out and subscribe to their channels. Moving on, let’s review the theory about Killer, being the older brother of Sanji. At first glance, the obvious similarities between Sanji and Killer, are their blonde hair and in Japanese Culture, the use of Blonde Hair on an anime character, means many things, but the most common trait, is that it signifies “royalty” or “foreign descent”.

Another interesting information we need to observe is how Sanji and Killer’s birthday, seem to fall both into their supposedly, real names and number references. We all know that Sanji’s character seems to revolve around the number 3, not only does his name means 3 o clock, but his birthday also falls on March 2nd, the second day of the third month (San – 3, Ji – 2). While Killer’s birthday, interestingly falls on February 2nd, the 2nd day of the 2nd Month (Ni-2, Ji -2). The theory community are predicting Killer’s real name is Niji, which means “2 o clock” as he is, apparently, the 2nd son of the Vinsmoke Family. Which is actually completely possible since Oda-San confirmed that he just named Killer on a whim, it’s not farfetched to think that Oda named Killer as such because he would change his name later.

Or maybe he really just named Killer as, Killer for no other reaso.n But here is where the fun of making theories lies, so we’re going to assume that he is just named Killer by whim because he is not going to use that name for that character for too long. It would also be fascinating to speculate the reason behind Killer’s mask, I personally believe that it’s because like Sanji, Killer is also hiding his face that would give away his identity as a Vinsmoke. I believe the situation of Killer might have been foreshadowed in Chapter 491, in which seemingly, a joke introduction of “Iron Mask” Duval. Behind his mask is someone who looks like Sanji, or at least, Sanji’s wanted poster.

This time though, I believe the one who is behind Killer’s mask, actually is related to Sanji because obviously, as theorized, Killer and Sanji are brothers. Killer might also be based from a French legend about a man who was imprisoned and forced to wear an iron mask until the day of his death, a legend known as the “Man in the Iron Mask”. Alexandre Dumas, a French writer and author of the Three Musketeers, which we would tackle later on, included his own version of the story of the “Man in the Iron Mask” by stating that the prisoner who was forced to wear an iron mask, was a man who was a threat to the current king. The “Man in the Iron Mask” was imprisoned because he is the identical twin of King Louis the XIV of France, the Sun King.

We might make an assumption that King Louis the XIV, is represented by Sanji, which is a fair assumption since there are theories floating around that Sanji, is a royalty But that’s only because we accepted the assumption that Sanji only had 2 other brothers in the Vinsmoke Family. What if the Vinsmoke Family had more members than Sanji’s and his 2 brothers? Germa 66 is a name that is inspired from a card game, which is called “Schnapsen” in German language, literally translates to Sixty-six. This card game involves marriage of the Queen and King, and tricking hands, in order to win. I would explain this thoroughly in my upcoming theory about the Whole Cake Island Arc.

I believe that Germa 66 is a Mafia Organization, which is why the Vinsmoke Family was named after different things found in a Gambling House: Wine and Cigarettes,  shile Gambling Houses are place known to be controlled by a Mafia Group, not to mention that Germa double 6 might be an inspiration from a group created by Quentin Tarantino’s movie, “Kill Bill”: The Crazy 88, a group controlled by a Mafia Organization. Now, going back to the assumption that Germa 66 is based off a card game, it’s not farfetched to think that the Sanji had more than 2 brothers.

Sanji, as I said earlier, literally means “3 o clock”, and his brothers might be named Ichiji and Niji, which translates to “2 o clock” and “1 o clock”. The reason i’m bringing this up, is because there’s also a card game called, “Clock Patience” A game that literally plays like a 12 hour clock and the game would be over, once the king is revealed, which I believe is the head of the Vinsmoke Family. As I said, Killer might be based off the “Three Musketeers” version of the “Man in the Iron Mask”, so then what is Killer hiding behind his mask? Who is the King Louis the XIV of Killer? I believe that Killer is hiding the fact that he looks like a certain King from North Blue, another one, their Vinsmoke relative or brother, which is this guy.

Let’s just refer to him as the King Louis the XIV, the Sun King of Killer, his identical twin. This could be the reason why Killer was known to be from South Blue, because he might have escaped his original home of North Blue to escape this man. I believe its a fair assumption since Sanji grew up in East Blue, even though he came from North Blue. Now, since the theory about Sanji and Killer being Vinsmokes had been theorized many times, let’s try and theorize the other brother of Sanji which is being referred by the One Piece Community as, Ichiji, meaning, “1 o clock”.

Unlike Killer, this person that I’m theorizing as Sanji’s other brother, would seem kind of ridiculous, but hear me out. First of all, and probably a shallow reason, is that he almost looked like Sanji, if he is to become a human. These reasons may amount to nothing, but I believe that from the way he likes to go into higher places, hide, and sneak up on other people, is a hint being given that he is trained to be an assassin. There also should have an deeper meaning behind him, volunteering to go to Whole Cake Island, aside from him just paying Luffy’s back for the Strawhat Pirates saving their country. Yes, as you guessed it by now, I believe the other brother of Vinsmoke Sanji is, the Minkman, Pedro of the Treetops.

Although, now that I brought up Pedro as a ridiculous brother for Sanji, its obvious as well that I believe that Pedro is not a real Minkman. I cannot exactly guess what happened to Pedro, but I would assume that he ate a Devil’s fruit or a SMILE Artificial Fruit. Moving on, remember when I said earlier that Killer is based off the “Man in the Iron Mask’s” version of the “Three Musketeers” by Alexandre Dumas? In that novel, the author is implying that the “Fifth Musketeer” is actually, the “Man in the Iron Mask” which in this theory is Killer And so I believe the Fourth Musketeer is Pedro.

The Fourth Musketeer in the novel, is an apprentice of the three older Musketeers, although, I believe that in this reference, it was changed around and thus the Fourth Musketeer, was instead, became the oldest of the 5. Pedro seemingly having a feud with the 3 Musketeers of Duke Inuarashi, I believe is a hint on the Fourth Musketeer reference on the Jaguar Minkmen, although instead of joining with the 3 Musketeers like in the novel of Dumas, Pedro, as we see, refuses to work with the 3 Musketeers of Zou. Does this mean 2 more Vinsmoke brothers would be introduced to complete the Five Musketeers? who knows, but its an interesting idea. To finish this theory, I will again bring up the assumption that Germa double 6 is based off the card game, Sixty-six. That group, Germa 66, is ran by the Vinsmoke Family, whose Sanji is a member of.

Sanji’s name means “3 o clock” and there is a card game called “Clock Patience”, so I would assume that the Vinsmoke Family, would have a theme of the Clock Card game. So what made me think that Killer and Pedro were the 2 other brothers of Sanji? It’s because Killer and Pedro’s names, as you guessed it: are also taken from card games of the same name. The point i’m trying to make is that, Pedro and Killer, having card game names, I believe is a clue that their real name is actually connected to the Vinsmoke Family, who is based off the card game, Clock Patience, An interesting concept A game of chance.

Sanji, and his gamble with the Vinsmoke Family

Theory By Beck26

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