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Pudding’s True Nature Revealed | One Piece Chapter 850 Review
by Roronoa
Apr 17, 2017 / 0 comments

Cliffhangers are never enjoyable for the readers but if the reward is like this, then it is worth it 100% So, Odachi, do more cliffhangers, please do more, please?! This is great, I really like this chapter, this is one of my favorite chapters in One Piece, I am not talking about story-wise but from the writer’s perspective

One of you guys asked me in the comments, do you think that Pudding is one of the commanders and she is acting all this time as being weak And I responding to this comment by saying I like this kind of characters that have double personality but Oda doesn’t use this style at least not for now The closest thing that we have about this is Blackbeard So, I am very happy that Oda did this, my respect for him went even higher A lot of you were saying that Pudding is evil, but I did not think so because there were no actual hints toward her being evil

The things that convince me that she is not evil is when she was in that store with Tamago and she says to him I have to go because she did plan to meet with the Straw Hats but Tamago was saying to her no stay here because Big Mom said to choose a dress I thought if she is tricking them she could just tell him that she is tricking the Straw Hats and this would be a good news for Big Mom And besides Tamago cannot order her, if she wanted to leave she could do so, and I thought the reason why she is not doing this is not to get unwanted attention The other thing was when Praline says to Aladdin in Fishman Island that as long they are together she doesn’t care about Big Mom So, I thought that Big Mom’s children don’t care about her that much, so this is why Pudding is helping the Straw Hats

But no, this was not the case here But all these things make sense now because she said that only her family members know about her true nature This reveal is great but also raises a lot of questions First of all, what’s up with Pudding’s third eye? Is this a unique power to her or it is a devil fruit power? Is this the reason why she has double personality? Or her father is part of a clan that all have a third eye and this is normal The other thing is that why Reiju is in her room? The last time we Reiju she was walking slowly in a hall

Oda is going back and forth on the timeline so things are not clear here, maybe she did escape from Pudding’s room by fighting her or Sanji did help her Because when we saw in the hall she was injured all over her body even on her face, but here she is injured only on her legs So, this could mean that something else did happen there And one other thing that is not clear is that who did attack Reiju? Based on this chapter the logical answer is Pudding But why she would do this? Because this could ruin their plan to kill the Vinsmoke Family on the day of the wedding

And they will not go to the wedding because they know something is up and they will try to find Reiju But one thing that is very interesting to me is Reiju’s reactions when she is listening to Pudding I don’t think she is scared I think she is worried about Sanji She did help Sanji to escape his hell but the way things turn out they brought the hell to him again At the beginning of the arc, she said to Sanji that now with this marriage you will have everything, money, servants and Pudding does look like a really nice girl

But this future that she thought her little brother will have is all gone now And by the way, my theory about this alliance between Big Mom and Germa is proven correct in this chapter This is just one of my predictions in that theory and I think other predictions will come true soon If you want to watch this theory the link will be in the description When I saw the title of the chapter “Ray of Hope” I thought maybe something good will happen

I did not think that Oda is being sarcastic! So, Sanji lost the last ray of hope that he had But you know what they say when you reach the bottom there is only one way out from there and that is UP I really hope that Sanji will erupt like a volcano and start burning everything and everyone in his way Pedro’s words go nicely with Sanji’s situation: It is always darkest before the dawn The Dawn of Sanji And then we go to Luffy and Nami, did you notice that both of their names are written on the page of the book and some other stuff as well, maybe more information about them

So, since Luffy did find out the truth, he is doing everything he can to get out of there even if he loses a hand or two, he doesn’t care But here’s an idea man: why don’t you try to get rid of the nail with your mouth, this seems more effective and easy But based on what the guard said it seems like there is no way for them to get out of there Usually using Haki is enough to negate the powers of the devil fruit but maybe in the case, there is something more to it And on the next page, Luffy continues to talk to Nami and the things that he says on this panel are so great that for a moment I forgot that this is Luffy

This shows how determined he is to achieve his goals, his will is so strong, and he always relies on himself And this explains why his King’s Haki is so strong But on the next panel, the normal Luffy appears when he says to Nami in the most casual way: Come on Nami rip your hands too This is very funny scene And then we go to Pedro and Tamago, the fight has begun

Oda reveals their bounties, I was surprised how high Pedro’s bounty is because based on what he said he was not a real pirate he went out in search for the Poneglyhphs Does this mean that the World Government knew about this and that’s why his bounty is so high Anyway, so, this fight is so intense that the other members of the Big Mom Pirates are staying out of this and they are just watching In the previous chapter, I was impressed with Carrot’s fighting abilities but Pedro does look like he is on another level, he is like an unstoppable force and that’s why those other members of the Big Mom Pirates look worried And Pedro’s electricity has no effect on Tamago because this guy took that defeat so close to his heart that somehow create a suit to negate Pedro’s electricity

But the most interesting thing here is that Pedro does keep mentioning the Dawn of the World, he said this for the first time on Zou Island Why is he so sure about this? what does he know that we don’t? Because he is not saying like the Pirate World will change, for example, if Luffy becomes the Pirate King but he is saying the whole world And then Pedro after he is done with his speech counties on being legendary and cuts Tamago in half! Is Tamago now going to pull off a Cracker?! By the way, Tamago means egg in English And we also did learn about what happened to him the previous time that he was here So Big Mom uses her roulette for everyone, and I was looking at the roulette and I did not see there a smaller number than 100

So, either way, Zepo will get 100 or more than that, and Pedro paid with his eye as well I thought that this injured was caused by Tamago but no, this means that Pedro is stronger Chopper and Carrot are looking for the others maybe they would be the ones who will save Luffy and Nami Maybe Luffy was wrong and someone will appear magically in front of them and save them Anyway, what do you guys think about this chapter? Let me know in the comments Thanks for watching Like and share if you like this video And Subscribe for more One Piece Videos

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