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Power Levels: How They Are | One Piece Theory
by Roronoa
Apr 15, 2017 / 0 comments

Let’s talk about power scales in One Piece. It’s a very speculative topic and a “fighting” topic.

But, there is some logic and we can approach the truth, with a little analysis. First, let’s clarify, we are not talking about teams and groups, but for a “person” who has a title. Not all the Yonkous, but a single one in what scale is. The category could overlap with other categories, and we can think of it near the limits of every scale. The exclusives are an exception to all this.

Now, think the scale like a pyramid or a tower. Something must be at the top. What else? Pirate King of course. Pirate King should be the strongest one of this scale, and Doflamingo confirms that in the end of Dressrosa, with the throne wars, and he said the one who will get this throne, will rule all of the seas. After, you can see after the first Pirate King died, how the things change all the time, until someone will get the title again.

It’s like a kingdom or an army without a “head” Or those who are “head” aren’t worth to this level and they are vulnerable to changes. Right after is the Fleet Admiral. This scale is too strong and very close to Pirate King’s level, but it reaches it a bit. It’s the strongest Marine level and he can rule the Marine army by his power, but it can’t be the king of the seas, because he only can fight with Pirate King, with the winning possibility decreasing much.

I wouldn’t say zero possibility, but the Fleet as strong as if he, can’t defeat the Conqueror’s Haki of the Pirate King, and you know the plot armor is that who protect the King on the top. We can’t ignore Revolutionary Army. The Revolutionary Leader is one of the strongest levels of the sea, and he is worth to the Fleet Admiral Again, he can’t be Pirate King level, also he can be close to it, and he is enough good to fight the King’s level but no winning. A fight between Fleet Admiral and Revolutionary Leader would be awesome, because we are talking about the same level, and we will see this during a big war between Government and Revolutionaries.

Some proof of this level is that the strongest Revolutionaries have strong fight styles, haki advance and they are an army of warriors So, the leader should be a master of all these. After is Yonkou Right, a Yonkou is really strong, even Whitebeard seemed to be very close to being Pirate King, but actually, Yonkou is above to Fleet Admiral or Revo’s Leader level It’s close to them, sure, but a Yonkou isn’t enough strong to defeat alone the strongest Marine or the Revo leader.

If it was, then it could be the King very easily, but even Kaido was captured, even Whitebeard had problems fighting an Admiral, not the Fleet And with this, we passed to Admiral level Admiral is a very critical level between Fleet and the other Marines this level covers what holes would be inside the Marines’ power. The one who becomes Admiral is strong without thinking. The level is so close to Yonkou level like you can say the strongest Admiral can fight or even win against the weakest Yonkou. In the other hand, it’s the Revolutionary commander This level is a category who can assign from a vice admiral level to the Admiral level

So, a strong commander like Sabo can fight well with an Admiral like Fujitora. A commander can have haki or a unique fight style, that it comes very dangerous at this status, for Marines Continuously, the pirate levels, right after Yonkou, there is the Captain Yonkou, this level is much strong, if you see how beast is Jack or how strong was Cracker, and it’s needed a whole fleet for fight them (not defeat them), as for the fight Luffy vs Cracker, don’t forget that Luffy is going to be the Pirate King, the strongest, so he must defeat a Yonkou Captain somehow. Now, Marines have opposite Revo’s commanders and Yonkou’s with their captains, so Admirals aren’t enough Neither Vice Admirals and Captains.

So, they have to support the balance with an alliance This alliance is the Shichibukai system Those pirates who enter this system should fight a low pirate level to a Captain Yonkou This includes the Revo’s commander level, but their work is to fighting other pirates For example, Mihawk could fight a pirate like Don Krieg, and he could fight Cracker, too.

Of course, Marines don’t want all Shichibukai to be so powerful like the Admirals, and that’s why a Vice Admiral, an important status, could be worth to some of the Shichibukai Vice Admiral, actually, is a level corresponding to Supernova Momonga or Smoker can fight with Appo or Kidd Sure, it is not the same a win against Appo with a win against Kidd, but when you can see Smoker fought Law well, you can believe he can defeat Appo or even hurt Kidd And so, Marines important levels end with Captains, I know there are some ranks worth to talk, but I think the captain is the most important.

They are compared marginally with Supernova, and they can fight or even defeat any lower level pirates than Supernova Like you can say that Coby, as a captain can defeat Arlong, which is a strong pirate, but not Supernova level On the other, Revolutionaries have an unknown base of members, but I suspect they can fight any low-rank Marines and even captain level Share this theory Thank you much for watching

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