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Pell’s Survival: Plot Hole or Foreshadowing?
by Roronoa
Apr 17, 2017 / 0 comments

What’s up guys I’m strejt from Manga Detectives and today I’ve got for you discussion/theory video about Pell’s survival and whether or not it’s a plot hole or foreshadowing by Oda And also I wanna discuss what we might see from his character in the near future

So first of all let me remind who Pell is Pell is the strongest warrior in Alabasta kingdom Who has one of the only 5 identified devil fruit types which gives the user the ability to fly Tori Tori no Mi Model: Falcon When someone talks about plot holes in One Piece they usually mention these 3: First one: Shanks loosing his arm which is something Oda didn’t wanna do but was kind of forced to it by his editor to make the scene more impactful Then the second one is: “Nakama power up” in Enies Lobby between Rob Lucci and Luffy And finally the third one is: Pell surviving the explosion in Alabasta Until like a year ago I actually agreed that this was a plot hole but ever since chapter 785 I changed my mind In that chapter if you guys don’t remember Doflamingo mentions something called Devil Fruit Awakening

Which is something we as the readers actually knew about for more than 200 chapters but we simply didn’t knew it was something important so we didn’t pay attention to it Doflamingo mentiones that it happens very rarely and for Paramecia users it actually affects not only the user’s body but actually the things around them Which is different from what we know about Zoan types from Crocodile that their Awakening affects only their body at least from what we know now As you can see Crocodile says that their greatest strenghts are their toughness and recovery speed and also we can see and this is very important that those Zoan guards don’t even have to be conscious for Awakening to work So even though they are knocked out they get revived or recover

Now let’s get back to Pell and his devil fruit His devil fruit is model Falcon and as you guys might know falcon is very fast bird Infact Peregrine falcon is the fastest animal on Earth with the highest recorded speed of 389 km/h (242 miles/h) which is pretty damn fast Speed is actually one of the two reasons I think why or how he survived that explosion When we were shown the panel as you guys can see with that huge explosion or shockwave we could actually see Pell falling down or diving (unsure)

Of course he wasn’t fast enough to outfly the shockwave and actually got caught in it for sure but it helped mitigate the damage he would otherwise get if he was closer to the bomb itself or the explosion And the second reason he survived is Awakening Which recovered him or revived him even though he was unconscious just like those guards in Impel Down And I think that his powers of perhaps his Awakening might come into play again in the near future since as we could see in chapter 823 he went with Vivi and Cobra to the Reverie We know that Cobra intends to ask here about Poneglyphs and the past which is something he shouldn’t do and will put him in grave danger

We don’t know if there is a specific trigger for Awakening or if each person has its own but if there is one for Pell I think that it will be probably desperation or trying to protect someone However I don’t think that he will be successful this time and I think that the king of Alabasta kingdom Nefertari Cobra will be asssassinated at the Reverie because of the questions he wants to ask of the World Government about Poneglyphs

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