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One Piece Wano Arc Hype Explained!
by Roronoa
Sep 11, 2017 / 0 comments

Today I wanna talk about the Wano Arc. It specifically takes place after the reverie arc around the end of 2017 so we can pretty much conclude that Wano-Kuni arc will be the very epic.

Oda himself in an interview stated that it will be as epic as the marine ford arc so its pretty much gonna be war type situation in which the straw-hats will announce an all out war against Kaido ,the Yonko. Yes it is the the kind of thing you would expect from Oda.

So let’s start with the characters and who will they be facing in the upcoming Wano arc. There are some characters whose matches or duels seem fixed.

Some characters matches will not be any major characters of Kaido’s crew. Still nothing is fixed in this arc, neither we can say it is impossible to happen. So there is good theory in my mind that “The Straw-Hat Grand Fleet” might show at up at the Wano-Kuni Arc.

Yes, it is possible because Kaido is a Yonko and even with the Samurai-mink-ninja-pirate alliance and along with Tra-guy, they might be heavily outnumbered at that point. Since they will be heavily outnumbered, the straw-hat grand fleet might be helpful.

So, coming back to characters, Luffy along with Trafalgar Law will face off Kaido, and I think the same situation as dress-rosa where Tra-guy was pinned down by Doflamingo and afterwards Luffy finally reveals the Gear Fourth… and then the real battle begins between Luffy and Doflamingo starts yeah…

I think same might happen when monstrous strength of Kaido will push both of the characters against the wall, Luffymight reveal the Gear Fifth and about Zoro, he hasn’t been pushed to his limit until now… I mean just, look in punk hazard he was just pinned down, in Dress-rosa he took down pica with just some bruises over his face and now i feel like he is going to be pushed to his limit by Jack .

Jack was as strong as the Duke Dogstorm and Catviper at Zou and he did took them down after some time and both were in White-beards crew as well as on Gold Rogers Crew as accompany for Oden.

I think he was holding back since the beginning of the New world.

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