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One Piece Katanas | One Piece Theory
by Roronoa
Apr 18, 2017 / 0 comments

Hello friends, let’s theorize about the mysteries around One Piece’s sabers I’ll give you my thought about the Black Swords we heard about via Mihawk, and the Cursed Swords like the Kitetsu

This theory will be split in two parts, one about the Cursed ones and the other about the Black ones, and I’ll talk about the Cursed Haki in both of them First, to understand the theory, we have to take for granted the fact that swords have a soul In japanese culture, important objects, like swords, can be worshiped, and considered having a soul Plus, in One Piece universe, swords (like FunkFreed) or canons actually ate a devil fruit The devil fruits effects being a curse in the user’s soul, I can tell objects have one without any doubts

And same thing with boats : we all remember the Going Merry had a soul, the Klabautermann Anyway, a lot of things make me think black swords, like Mihawk’s Kokutō Yoru, or Zoro’s Shūsui, are immersed by their blacksmith’s haki So, why the blacksmiths specifically ? Simply because Oda may have been inspired by the ultra popular myth of the legendary japanese blacksmith Muramasa, living in 16th century According to the legend, Muramasa was known as a violent person, and would have transmitted his hatred to the swords he created His sword’s mind, called Tsukomogami, were refusing to go back to their sheath as long as the swordsman hadn’t commited some crime Many slaughters, each one more sanguinary than the last are assigned to his swords and him

The fact that many swordsmen with one of Muramasa’s swords died in a tragic way is also interesting and important to notice In any case, knowing Oda uses the real world’s myths adjusted to his manga, it seems really consistent to me The Fifth One Piece movie, «The Cursed Holy Sword» already mentioned the cursed swords subject, as we can see it in the title In the movie, we meet Saga,one of Zoro’s old friend, corrupted and possessed by Shichiseiken, a sword with the Ō Wazamono rank Well, the movie wasn’t written by Oda (like some of the movies), so I can’t be sure it happens in the manga storyline, and the movie’s informations must be taken lightly, but I noticed a manga version is recently available, and on some websites the descriptions said «scripted and drawn by Eiichiro Oda», so I unfortunately don’t really know what I can think of it

However, to return to the movie, Shichiseiken is a blade cursed by 3 princes’s blood at its creation All the negative and devilish energy have been absorbed by the blade, since, it contains a demonic power, which can get a grip on its owner For exemple, in the movie, the blade merged with Saga, allowing him to cut things only with his hands As I said, even if it’s a movie, and it may have no links with the original storyline, I think the Cursed Swords have been created in a way more or less similar to in this movie The blades would be imbibed with the blacksmiths’s souls or haki, and this could have a right or wicked influence on the swords, and according to this influence, the impact on the blade’s owners will be more or less bad

One example : Wadō Ichimonji, the sword Zoro has inherited from Kuina Wadō Ichimonji’s meaning is «The road to Harmony», and has a positive influence on Zoro, reminding him his purpose to become the world’s greatest swordsman to honor Kuina’s memory So, even if we don’t know the sword’s origin, the blade is not possessed by wicked intentions, contrariwise, I would tend to say it highlights Zoro’s good sides Conversely, the Kitetsu (鬼徹), meaning «demonic achievement» (鬼 = Devil+ 貫徹 = achievement, implementation) are 3 swords, deemed accursed, and distributed in each Wazamono types Kitetsu is the blacksmith who made the 3 swords, and he’s a reference to Muramasa : When Ippon Matsu (Loguetown’s armorer) described the Kitetsu swords, he mentioned that all the Kitetsu’s holders endured an horrible death

Therefore, following this theory’s logic, Kitetsu was an important smith who instilled madness into his blades, as Muramasa in Japanese legends Here again, an interesting thing planted an idea in my head : Close to the Sandai Kitetsu, Zoro felt the curse emanating from this sword For me, it’s the proof that Sandai Kitetsu’s aura is nothing more than maleficient Haki If you’re not convinced by the Haki’s right or wrong sides, go and see chapter 680, where is the Vergo’s introduction in Punk Hazard Here, Sanji and Zoro feel an odd aura behind them, which is Vergo’s and his murder intentions

Actually, let’s stay in Punk Hazard for the Black Swords part Remember the incredible scene when Zoro were using Shūsui to cut Monet in two parts? In it, Tashigi comments that he did not use any Haki, but how could he cut the woman, knowing she uses a Logia ? Shūsui is a Black Sword, with purple shades, so I think the blade must have been partially made with Haki, which permitted Zoro to slice Monet without using it The example might be excessive, but it’s the way this theory is convincing me

Although we must keep in mind the fact the Black Swords are a fully-fledged category of blades As Zoro said when he seized Shūsui in Thriller Bark «If a dinosaur walks on it, the blade won’t move a millimeter The greatest quality of a Black Sword is its hardness, it is known

» Well here it’s easy but I have a riddle for you What’s black, and strenghens a weapon’s hardness ? Bingo ! It’s Haki, and precisely Armament Haki Speak of the devil, Zoro uses armament haki to take the advantage against Pica, filling his swords with Haki, making the weapons becoming all black At the end of the scene, we get a flashback where Zoro remembers Mihawk’s words, telling that to avoid every damages on the swords, Zoro has to control his Haki and put it in the blades I think there’s a thin line between the Armament Haki used to protect swords, and the original Black Blades, like Mihawk’s Kokutō Yoru or Zoro’s Shūsui

We will probably learn a lot about it in Wano, but I have a feeling the blacksmiths will not be indifferent to this Curse story, and to the Black Swords’s hardness Maybe you’re thinking that talking about smiths in this theory is silly, because they’re not important ? Mythic blacksmiths like Muramasa, or Masamune, had a high prestige, comparable to a Shogun (将軍 – litterally ‘military commander’) or a Daimyō (大名 – litteraly ‘Large’ + ‘Myō’ for ‘Myōden’, meaning private lands = Feudal rulers), which are two important military and politic titles in japanese history, between the Muromachi and Edo periods (12th to 19th centuries) Incidentally, Wa’s nation in One Piece, whose Kinemon and Momonosuke come from, is a clear reference to Japan history, between 1198 and 1868 Muramasa and Masamune lived in these nearly 700 years Anyway, I would really like this theory to gets the jobs done, I had a lot of ideas, I hope I have managed to explain it without you having too tangled, and hope I haven’t forget anything in my explanations I think to make a second version soon about others swords and swordsmen

This video is now over, and i have to thank you thousand times for watching it I give my thanks to the great master Shido, who helped me to conceive this theory If you liked it, you can push the like button, and give me your thought about it in commentaries section I invite you to join me on facebook and twitter On this, friends, peace !

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