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One Piece Chapter 855 Review
by Roronoa
Apr 17, 2017 / 0 comments

On the cover page of this chapter, we see Corazon and Law. Am I the only one who doesn’t like to see dead people on the cover page, it makes me sad.

Anyway, Rest in Peace Law, you will be missed On the first page, you have that text from Oda that says: “A hectic night precedes the wedding ceremony”. Is this Oda’s way of confirming that the Wedding will happen? I really hope so, otherwise all that build up would be for nothing Bobbin says that “even Hell’s Demons make appearances at Mama’s tea parties”. And now I am even more hyped, I want to see who these demons are.

Oda did reveal the Bounty of Bobbin, it’s 1055 million! There was a time when I thought this number is high, I do remember when Luffy’s bounty was 100 million. This could mean that Bobbin is not that strong or the World Government is running out of money. And this would explain why this bounty is 1055 million and not 105 million because this way there are only 3 numbers, instead of 4.

Anyway, when other people came to see what that noise was about he puts them to sleep, which is weird why would you do that? It’s clear that Sanji is stronger than him and he wants to go after him alone! If he wants to ensure that everything will go as planned then why he doesn’t want reinforcements. So, he has the power to put people to sleep, it’s very likely that this is a devil fruit, maybe Sleep Sleep No Mi. What do you guys think? And then we go to Big Mom’s room where she is sleeping and some creepy people are watching her. That’s not cool guys. But, do you know what is even more creepy than that?! Brook sleeping with Big Mom What ta hell dude.

Was this part of your to-do list?! Save Sanji, Steal the Poneglyph, Sleep with Big Mom. I am curious to know what’s next for him?! In the beginning of this video, I said that I don’t like seeing dead people because it makes me sad. I wonder what kind of painful death Big Mom will give Brulee?! The tree homie King Baum was cut in half for helping them to get out of the Seducing Forst. But Brulee did help them even more than that so far, everything that is happening is her fault. Try to imagine Big Mom’s rage when she will find out that Brook is gone, copies of the poneglyphs are stolen, the Straw Hats are gone. In short: Hell on Earth. Good Luck Brulee on trying to convince them they used you against your own will.

But wait if you do that this means that you are weak. So, what’s the point of keeping you around then, if you cannot do your job. She has only one way out of this to join the Straw Hats and escape, I mean because of her they made it this far, so they should return the favor. Maybe she will go after Lola and join her crew, this would be good for her. So, in order to save Brook they come up with a plan where everyone tries to do their best.

The whole thing was more like a comedy than anything else, I am sure in the anime it will be even funnier. But in all this, we did also learn about Big Mom’s powers and how she fights. So, the hat is also a sword, so this means that Big Mom fights with a sword. And the other thing is how she uses Prometheus First, she did grab him and when she throws him at them she says “Heavenly Fire” and everything is engulfed in flames.

This shows how powerful a Yonko is, and the scary thing here is that this is just the beginning. She has to have other powers as well Because otherwise, Oda will not reveal her full powers in this way, when she is not even fighting but sleeping. Anyway, so they did manage to save Brook and now he is in the Mirror World with them but the big thing here is that Brook actually did steal the Poneglyphs, not just the Road-Poneglyph but the other two as well. Robin said to them that if you can please get a copy of the road-poneglyph.

Now imagine how surprised she will be when they will give her three copies of the poneglyphs. This is like the Hobbit movies, people were asking for one and they got three Lady Galadriel and Gimli approve this. So, if the Straw Hats decide to leave, now that they got Sanji and the Poneglyphs this means that they don’t have a reason to return here again So, this is the only arc that we are getting about Whole Cake Island.

Anyway, and then we see that Sanji did find Luffy. Those last two panels where you can see both of their faces, they really are quite powerful They really make you emotional, and this is very weird because most of this chapter was comedy. If this chapter would be just those two panels I would be more than happy, and I would think that this is a great chapter. I was just staring those two panels for a long time.

All the things that Sanji did and say, and Luffy is still waiting there and starving to death. Anyway, what do you guys think about this chapter? Let me know in the comments.

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