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One Piece Chapter 854 Review | One Piece Theory
by Roronoa
Apr 17, 2017 / 0 comments

On the cover page we see Zoro on a bike with Chopper, at first I was thinking this looks pretty cool And then I remembered about who we are talking here, and now I am worried, this could be the last time we see Zoro

He will probably get lost and wander to the ends of the world But hey there is a chance that he may find One Piece Anyway, on the first page, we see Nami and Jinbe trying to get away but it seems like Big Mom has too many men One thing that made me laugh are the flowers on the third panel I wonder what was Oda’s line of thinking, I assume maybe it was something like this: Ok, Lets draw Jinbe as an angry beast that you don’t want to mess with and Nami is worried and covered with wounds

Ok, great, my job here is done, but wait, this panel looks incomplete, what it needs are these flowers, now, looks perfect The amount of work and details that goes into these panels is incredible and considering that you have limited time is even more so ???Anyway, Jinbe and Nami agreed that Jinbe will take care the guys in front while Nami will take care the guys behind them And Nami does just that, but to her surprise, she sees that Chopper is among them as well Well, this is what you get Chopper when you try to sneak up behind a woman

He spent a couple of minutes with Carrot and now he thinks he is an expert, you have a long way to go my friend But the good thing here is that now he knows what happened if you mess with Nami Luffy, Sanji, and Zoro will welcome him to the club now And now Nami and Jinbe are inside the mirror world as well and they are heading to find the rest But even if they will manage to get everyone inside the mirror world, this doesn’t mean that they will be able to escape

Because the mirror world is set up only in Whole Cake Island, and this island is surrounded by 34 islands, but this might give them a head start But as I have said this before that I don’t think that Luffy and Sanji would want to run without settling things here The mirror world I think will be very important in the arc down the line ???For example, the whole army of Germa can use this mirror world to go immediately from the Germa island to the place where the wedding is being held The other thing that we did learn here is what did happen to Jinbe

So the newspaper was not lying, he did back away, but not because he was scared but he knew that playing that roulette will end up in his death Brulee said something very interesting: “Little invaders all that come are welcome and all that leave die”

Okay, but how come that Kid did leave alive from here? Is there something more to this that we don’t know? Because this is weird, Kid lost to a Yonko and what does he want to do next, he wants to attack another Yonko? Anyway, and then we go to Big Mom In the previous chapter, we saw that Big Mom was unharmed and Brook was not able to land a single blow on her But he did cause damage to her spirits, and Big Mom says that: “This is the first time you three have ever been injured isn’t it?” Whether this is the case or not, this is quite impressive from Brook, too bad that Oda did not show us this So, he is not hiding just Big Mom’s powers but Brook’s powers as well I said in the previous chapter that Big Mom is acting like a little girl towards Brook and this chapter just proves this when she says: “I am gonna hold onto and walk around with him”

And based on this conversation between Big Mom and Pudding we can understand that she is just evil That small hope that existed that perhaps she is good, it’s gone now Which is a shame because I like her as a character But I am surprised that Big Mom wants to kill Sanji as well, usually, the husbands of her daughters will be part of her crew It looks like Big Mom has planned every detail on what is going to happen during the wedding, at least that’s what she thinks

She said that the Vinsmokes will be barehanded, well, Sanji doesn’t use weapons and it doesn’t look like his siblings use weapons too, so they are not barehanded But the most important thing here is that they always wear those battle suits and since they can fly, they can dodge the bullets easily But here’s the thing, we still don’t know if this wedding will happen, and if that’s the case I will be really disappointed Because the main conversation about this arc was the wedding, people talking all the time, and preparation being made and all that And now I really want to see this wedding, probably Luffy and the rest will join this fight when Sanji will give them the signal and maybe we will see three sides or more fighting each other

Which sounds great And then we see Reiju looking towards Luffy while he goes to the place that he said he will be Reiju is still undressed, I am afraid that she will catch a cold Wait, is she doing this on purpose, so she would be sick and not go to the wedding and escape all that danger Smart, childish but very smart

I am just joking by the way So, Sanji did prepare their favorite food without realizing But when he says that every Germa soldier will die as will I I was very surprised I didn’t think that Sanji will accept death so easily, at that moment I though is there any hope for this guy? And I click onto the next page and behold the old Sanji reappeared, that one that we know The one that will solve his problems by kicking people on their face

Welcome back Sanji It has been a long time Finally, he did manage to wake up from this nightmare, so the key was the food, after all, he is a cook And now the real battle begins, I cannot wait for the next chapter, good thing that there isn’t going to be a break next week Anyway, what do you guys think about this chapter? And what do you think Sanji and Luffy will do now? Will they try to get away from here, or try to save the Vinsmoke Family Let me know in the comments Thanks for watching Like and Share if you like this video And Subscribe for more One Piece Videos

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