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One Piece Chapter 853 Review | One Piece Theory
by Roronoa
Apr 17, 2017 / 0 comments

Sorry for this video being late I had something to take care of Wait? to take care of? Are these the right words? because it sounds that I had to kill someone, which I did not, unless I get paid, which I was not

So, everything is all right Humans are strange creatures: Kill one, and you are a criminal Kill one million, and you are a hero If you are new on this channel and you are thinking why I am advocating murder? Well, I am not I am just trying to get people’s full attention! While I was saying those things did anyone was thinking about anything else? If not, then mission accomplished let’s start the video

On the first page, we see that the battle between Big Mom and Brook is over! Wait, this is the first page of the chapter? If so, then how come the battle is over?! This must be a mistake this is probably the page 5 or 6, so where are these other pages in which this fight took place The build up and the hype for this fight was great: Soul King vs Soul Queen The young lady Ohhh, now I get it, this is Oda’s specialty, skipping the fights I know why Oda does this because he wants to reveal Big Mom’s power against a real opponent and not Brook and I get that

But stop teasing us This is like going to a restaurant, and when you want to order food, the waiter tells you: “Hey what are you doing? Just because we are a restaurant this does not mean that we serve food” But anyway, as we expected Brook lost and it looks like he wasn’t able to land even a single blow to Big Mom, she looks unharmed About her character, Oda does keep impressing me, I did not think her character would have so many layers If you look at the second panel on the first page based on the way this panel is drawn, Big Mom looks like a five-year-old girl who is playing with her toy

She is so nice to Brook even though he tried to steal from her something very important that could ruin her plans for the future But yet she could be so cruel that even her people fear her Big Mom is an example of what a great written character looks like So, Zeus, Prometheus, and Napoleon are not like homies because as Big Mom says they are my clones, I have given them my soul directly This is very interesting if they are part of her soul then how come they took these forms

One is a hat, one is a cloud and one is like a sun At the beginning I though that she inserted a soul into her hat and she did the same with a random cloud in the sky And because of that, the Hat and the Cloud are now a living thing and they answer to Big Mom But what about Prometheus? How he came to be? My guess, for now is, the forms that they have are created by Big Mom using her devil fruit and maybe Haki and that’s why Zeus and Prometheus can affect the weather, and Napoleon knows what is going on in Whole Cake Island because of observation Haki If you want to know more about how can Haki affect the weather then watch this video titled Nami’s Powers

I will put the link in the description Anyway, Big Mom said something very interesting about Roger: “He used some strange power that involved hearing “the voice of all things” or something to read that damn thing” Does this mean that the poneglyphs can talk?! Rayleigh did mention this but he was very vague about it, so, when he said no Roger could not read them he meant he did not understand the language and not because he was unable to read what the ponegyph says So, there is more than one way to read the poneglyphs, as we did learn in this chapter So, Pudding’s third eye is not just a regular eye but has a unique power that if awakened she can read the poneglyphs as well

But she does not have this power yet because she is half breed and it’s possible that she may never have But here’s the thing why Big Mom is not using Pudding’s father to read the poneglyph? She has really big trust issues And then we go to Tamago and Pedro where they are fighting I don’t know if this should be called a battle, this is more like a massacre Pedro is cutting him in half like it’s nothing, I thought the battle was going to be more evenly matched

But no, Pedro is putting up a great show and the best part was when the people around him were saying: If he evolves to this next level you will be nothing more than a dust at his feet And what does Pedro do? This is one of the best things I have every seen in manga and Pedro says; “I don’t feel like waiting around” “So, I will just finish him off now” The only thing that was missing here is if Pedro would have said: When you fight a real warrior you fight with everything you got or go home, no one will give you time so you can change your forms

The troll level from Pedro was over 9000 By the way, where did Pedro get those dynamites, that explosion was huge If they will use these dynamites in Wano War they could cause a big damage So, Chopper and Carrot did find Pedro and now he is with them They could do the same for the rest as well, and this way maybe they could escape but it’s more likely that Luffy and Sanji won’t leave without settling things here

Carrot can do many things but I did not know that she can draw so well Her style might be weird but Nami looks great this way So, right now they are going after Nami and Jinbe And then we go to Reiju and Luffy While I was looking these pages, I start to wonder about what climate the Whole Cake Island has and the answer is hot, very hot, beyond hot

The way these pages are drawn, the angles, the close-ups, Sanji must be very proud of Oda Oh, wait that’s his sister? But does Sanji have limits? What do you guys think? Anyway, the good thing about this conversation between Luffy and Reiju is that she told him why Sanji was doing all this, and this would speed up the process of awakening the sleeping princess, I mean prince, the sleeping prince Sanji And Sanji will start burning again because right now he is cold as ice One other way to get him hot is show him Reiju Oh that’s his sister, I forgot, so, it will not work But will it, though?! One thing that I really like in this conversation is when she offers him food and Luffy says no, which by the way this could mean that the end of the world is near And she did remember that Luffy said that “I will only eat food you make” Things got emotional here for me

The guy who insulted him beat him, and he is still doing all this for him, this shows why he has so many friends And on the last page, we see Sanji thinking about everything that did happen so far And he says: “There’s no going back now, Luffy” I don’t think he is thinking that there’s no way for him to get back with the crew again as before But I think is about them taking a stand, otherwise, they will end up dead Everything Sanji did so far is asking for favors from his enemies like a beggar, he thought if he would sacrificed himself the people that he care would be fine

But he did realize that this is not the case and it’s time to take matters into his own hands It would be great to see if his goes to his father and says to him: “I am not doing what you are asking And when Judge says but Zeff will be killed And Sanji says: if you touch him what do you think will happen to you I am a cook and I have a friend who is very hunger, do you want to end up on a plate? Anyway, what do you guys think about this chapter? Let me know in the comments

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