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One Piece Chapter 852 Review | One Piece Theory
by Roronoa
Apr 17, 2017 / 0 comments

Before I start this review I just want to thank all of you for the positive feedback on my previous video Usually when you try something new people are not happy and you see comments saying “I did not subscribe for this”

But since you guys liked that video from now on I will try to make more of that type of videos besides the reviews and theories, of course If you want me to make a video on a certain topic then let me know in the comments I welcome all of your suggestions Anyway, on the first page, we see that Reiju is in the infirmary and she is ok, well physically but not mentally She has this very depressing look on her face, it’s like she staring into the abyss

And I don’t like this, in the previous review, I told you who is my second favorite character in this arc Try to guess who is my number? If you thought Reiju then you are correct Reiju is one of the best characters in One Piece, she is classy, sophisticated, powerful, smart, kind, and she killed a lot of people So, what more do you want? Isn’t she great? If you disagree, then let me know in the comments who is your favorite character in this arc Anyway, Sanji enters the room and she starts telling him what did happen to her but she could not remember because Pudding erased her memory

But she said something that could be important, the last thing that she did remember is soldiers screaming about an invader The logical answer here would be that the soldiers are talking about one of the Straw Hats or Pedro But what if this invader is someone else, a third player, that knows what Big Mom is planning for the wedding And he is trying to warn the Vinsmokes so they could be prepared and this way both parties would engage in a huge battle and no one would come out of this unscathed And this would be beneficial for this third player

Maybe this is the reason why Pudding shot Reiju It could be that Pudding was after this third player who wanted to make contact with Reiju and Pudding was aiming for him and Reiju was just a collateral damage Because up to this point there is no reason for Pudding to attack Reiju because then the Vinsmokes can figure out their plan Anyway, things are hot in Prisoner’s Library, if you thought Nami was not hot before you probably did change your mind now, since she is on fire, and you cannot get hotter than that Usually, fire burns your clothes but in Nami’s case, the fire did produce new clothes

Which by the way this fire has better taste in fashion than Nami, she looks great in that dress, I hope she did learn something So the key to getting out was fire, I don’t know if Jinbe is very smart or Luffy is very dumb?! If Luffy would have used Red Hawk against Mont Dor his ability is useless Try to imagine this guy going against Sabo, his natural enemy Jinbe said to Luffy that the first time we met was in Impel Down where Luffy freed him, now the situation is reversed, Jinbe freed Luffy, which is great But one thing that is still not clear is that what happened between Jinbe and Big Mom? Did Jinbe back away from his request on leaving Big Mom’s crew because he was afraid of the consequences? which by the way I think is highly unlikely

Jinbe could be anything but a coward? Hell No He did refuse the World Government to fight against Whitebeard and then he joined the battle to fight against them I just hope he did not lose part of his lifespan Jinbe says to Nami that the first thing we should do is hide, so Jinbe’s plan is to hide for the moment until things are calm down and then try to escape This plan is good and simple and it could be effective but he forgot one thing “LUFFY” who is the complete opposite of this plan

With all the chaos that he is causing it seems like Sanji and Luffy will meet each other very soon And then we go back to the infirmary where Reiju and Sanji are still talking She said that this could be the end of Germa and she wants this to happen because as she said: “this world doesn’t need them” Could this be the end of Germa? No, I don’t think so, there are a lot of reasons to believe that they will have a part to play in the main story I talked about this in my other videos

In one of my theories, I say that even if Big Mom gets hold of the Clone Army she would not be able to use them because they are programmed to answer only to a specific person In this chapter, Reiju says that: “I have been modified such that I cannot disobey father’s orders” So, it seems like my theory is correct if Judge modified his children to not disobey him then for sure he did the same thing with his Clone Army In this chapter, we did learn why Sanji’s mother was sick A while back I did make a theory in my head about this but because of the lack of time, I could not post it because making these videos takes a lot of time

So, I decided to tell you this theory now because is relevant to this chapter: When we did learn that Sanji’s mother was sick and that is the reason why she died I was wondering what did cause her sickness And I thought that because of the modifications that are performed on her children maybe there were side effects on her And this is the reason why she died and Judge knew that this would happen but he did not care In this chapter, we did learn that in a way Judge was responsible for her death, Reiju said that:”She was forced to undergo the surgery” And that’s why she took that drug in order to stop the effect of the modifications

And in this theory, I said that when Sanji will learn that his father is the reason why his mother died This would be the moment when Sanji will consider Judge as his enemy and try to revenge his mother Because up to this point, the only thing that Sanji is saying is that you are not my family and I just want to get out of here and I don’t want to see you guys ever again He doesn’t have bad feelings for them and he doesn’t blame them for his hell that he went through But when he will learn about his mother’s death I thought that he will explode and try to take them down, the way they deserve

But in this chapter, Sanji is acting in the same way as he did throughout this arc, it doesn’t look like he is blaming his father for his mother’s death And to make things even weirder is what Reiju was saying to Sanji She said that the handcuffs are fake, they are not going to explode and she even says to him:”Any other excuses for why you refuse to leave the island?” Get it together, Sanji At this point, I don’t know what needs to happen for Sanji to do something? Maybe if the planet would split in half maybe then Sanji would do something Or this is not the real Sanji he is just a clone

Anyway, one other thing that is very important of what Reiju said is when she said:”Big Mom will dangle that floating restaurant over your head just as an excuse to kill your father and your brothers” Sanji told Reiju that Pudding said that Big Mom wants to kill all 6 of the Vinsmokes But Reiju is saying that Big Mom will keep you alive and kill your family I have a theory where I say that Big Mom wants to eliminate the Royal family of Germa and make Sanji the King of Germa If Reiju is right then this theory is also proven correct

Anyway, What do you think about this chapter?! Let me know in the comments.

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