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One Piece Chapter 851 Review | One Piece Theory
by Roronoa
Apr 17, 2017 / 0 comments

The reason why this review is late is because I did not expect this chapter to come out this week Anyway, on the first page, we see that Pudding is still continuing her special show

She is great I really like her, I know that most of you hate her for what she is doing to Sanji and the Straw Hats and I hate her too for that But if you look her as a character she is great, Oda did a great job The fact that people are still talking whether she is good or not, this shows what a great character she is Oda deserves a lot of praise for this, at the moment she is my second favorite character in this arc The reason why I said at the beginning she is doing a show is because some things do not add up

First of all, let me clear this up, based on what is going on recently, everything points at her being evil But there is some other stuff that makes me doubt her So, she is the one who shot Reiju on her legs, but why? what is the point of all?! Pudding can erase Reiju’s memory but what good this would do when she is covered with wounds Reiju will know that someone attacked her and her family will know that something is not right because whoever did attack Reiju they could attack them as well And because of this they might not go to the wedding but if they go they will go armed and ready to fight

And Pudding should have known this she is not stupid The other thing that was weird to me is when Pudding says tomorrow all the 6 Vinsmokes will be killed! Why is she saying 6? she could say the Vinsmokes? are there other Vinsmokes in the Whole Cake Island? This could because of what Sanji said that they are not my family, they are the ones who beat me like this and they are threatening people that I care It does look like she is trying to convince Reiju that Sanji will die too, and when Reiju is not saying anything Pudding says to her: Why aren’t you saying anything? He is your little brother, for heaven’s sake” Why does Pudding care if Reiju cares for Sanji or not? This was not the only time that she did this, on page 5, in the last panel just look the way Pudding is looking at Reiju! When Pudding says:”I can’t wait for tomorrow I can already imagine the priceless transition of Sanji’s expression from faithful joy to pure despair as I point my gun to his head” As if she is testing Reiju to see how does she react The possibility for this to happen is very very small but it could that Pudding is doing this to help Sanji

If the Vinsmokes will find out about Big Mom’s plan they would probably start to fight her with everything they have While the both parties are busy fighting each other maybe Sanji could escape from the Whole Cake Island If not then she is not sane because who in the right mind would say to someone that hey when you die make sure not to ruin the cake because Big Mom will get angry Why would a dead person care who will be angry?! If anyone got the right to be angry is the person who just died, you know because she just got killed! Anyway, this is my take on this weird situation What is yours? Let me know in the comments

About Sanji, I think he has come to a point when what will happen in the next chapters will make him or break him Anything less than legendary will not be enough Maybe this is the reason why Oda did put him in such misery in order for his victories to be even more special in the end The worst part was when he started to cry, we know that he loves women but to cry like this, this was unexpected But what if Sanji is not crying for Pudding what if he is crying for some other reasons

Because we don’t know what he is thinking at this moment So, what if Sanji is crying because he is saying this to himself: Sorry Zeff, but I have to break your golden rule, tomorrow I will cut that bitch down just like I cut my ingredients What do you guys think does this sound better, I really hope so that this is the case otherwise, goodbye Sanji And then we go the Treasure room where a Young Lady is fighting a Skeleton! For someone, that tells a lot of unfunny jokes, Brook does know how to be legendary when time comes For a second my brain froze when I read that, He is saying this to a Yonko

Brook, you have my respect, you are facing death but you still have time to make jokes We all know that at the end Luffy will become Pirate King and his crew will become stronger as well, worthy of being part of the Pirate King’s Crew I really appreciate how Oda doesn’t take us for granted when it comes to believing that this crew is going to be the best one in the New World When I see moments like this, it is very easy to believe this Brook is up against a Yonko and he is still determined to complete his mission

The same was with Zoro, he attacked Doflamingo and then Fujitora without hesitating for a second Anyway, it seems like Brook is having a hard time against Big Mom as you would expect, but I am disappointed that we only saw them talk and not fight I hope we will get to see more about this fight And then we go to Luffy and Nami, Luffy is still not using his mouth or haki to get rid of that nail So he is hell bent of tearing his hands you can see blood coming out and this must be extremely painful and what does Nami say: your blood is freaking me out?! Really Nami what about his pain?! Don’t be so heartless

And then Opera says to Nami that Big Mom said to make you tell me where Lola is I said this before in my other review but how come Big Mom cannot find out where Lola is? She is not hiding and Lola thinks that she and Big mom are in good terms with each other What happened to the Power of the Yonko that Pekoms was bragging about They did manage to find the people that Sanji cares about so what’s the problem with Lola Anyway, Luffy said in the previous chapter that we should not expect for someone to magically appear but it seems like Luffy was wrong

I was expecting for Sanji to come, but no, Jinbe was the one who saves the day and Luffy’s hands I am happy to see that Jinbe is ok but I hope he did not lose part of his lifespan And just like he appear magically I hope he has a magical plan on how to get out of here because right now things are not looking good for them Big mom and her army would not stay idle and let them leave Maybe Jinbe knows some underwater hidden passage and that is how they will escape

Anyway, What do you think about this Chapter? Let me know in the comments.

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