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One Piece Ch.824 Sanji’s Wife Finally Appears!
by Roronoa
Apr 17, 2017 / 0 comments

Hello ladies and gentlemen It’s Sakuragi from OhayōOtakuDesu Channel Today’s episode is the Manga Review of the One Piece Ch824 Let’s Start ! This Week’s Chapter is good It contains lot of pages especially the large one in addition to a colored page The Chapter was titled “Little Pirate Games” The first thing is that the Straw Hat crew knew about the destruction of the Baltigo island And Pedro said that, until now there’s no informations about the dead and the wounded In a funny snapshot, Luffy burnt the kitchen and all supplies has been exhausted In addition to that he cooked something very bad :’D After that, Jack appeared, he’s still alive! He’s very angry and he can’t move And then Kaidō showed up, he was angry to the point that he was crying while drinking Sake He even hit one of his audience because he was holding Luffy’s poster And here Kaidō said “Go, go and tell them; run away idiots, until now, we are just playing a little pirate game” Kid appeared in a prison cell covered with blood, he looked on death’s bed Then Sanji showed up, he was quiet but so serious He was talking with Tamago, this last was trying to convince Sanji to join the Big Mom crew Here, Sanji looked so angry and said “These hands were made just to cook food for my friends” WELL SAID Sanji 😉 In the last page, Sanji saw the picture of his wife Pudding and he liked her xD Let’s analyze the chapter and give some theories We begin with what Kaidō said to Kid about that they were playing a little pirates game And you saw how Kid was covered with blood on death’s bed Without forgetting tha Kid had the biggest price concerning the Supernovae 2 years ago And we don’t even know who became stronger after the time skip The only certain thing is that Law & Luffy are going to HELL Maybe Kid was caught while defending his crew, and this last is now looking for a plan to save their captain Maybe Killer the vice captain is looking for Law & Luffy to make a new alliance in order to beat Kaidō And Oda has already mentionned that in Archipel Sabaody Concerning Sanji, If you noticed, since the beginning of One Piece, Zoro was training hard While Sanji was only cooking and having some fun with Nami & Robin etc

Inspite of that, Zoro & Sanji are almost equal concerning the power And we still don’t know his power after the time skip, he even said “I’ve spent 2 years in HELL” The certain thing is that Sanji is not joining the Big Mom crew definitely The second thing is concerning Pudding, We saw Sanji so serious So the fact that he liked her is just because he always likes cute girls But as you see Pudding has 3 eyes, the third one was covered by her hair in the picture And I’m pretty sure that when he will know that, he will no longer like here Concerning Jack, we alredy put a theory saying that he’s dead but he’s back again If you noticed, Jack has teeth like an amphibious, we didn’t notice that before because he had a mask Maybe he’s an amphibious but i don’t think so because if he was, Jinbei wouldn’t be classified as the strongest amphibious So I think Jack is a hybrid As we know the amphibious were hated and maltreated by humans during history So maybe he put the mask to hide his idendity Which proves his ability to breath inside the water He’s weak cuzz he’s a devil fruit user but he’s still breathing And Finally, concerning the Revolutionary Army theory In this chapter we saw few simple things about that Firstly, there was news about the destruction of the Baltigo island by the Black Beard pirates The certain thing as I’ve already said, there wasn’t any war Because, they said a destruction of the island but not a war, so there wasn’t any war The first probability is that Dragon is the one who destroyed the island As we know the first enemy of the World Government is the Revolutionary Army So they falsified the news to make the Revolutionary Army look weak The second probability is that the Revolutionary Army left the island when they knew about Burgess And when Teach came and didn’t find anyone, he was angry and decided to destroy the island We arrived to end of this episode We wish you enjoyed it If you have any other theories, put it on comments If you enjoyed the video click the Like button & if you didn’t click it also xD Don’t forget to subscribe to the Channel See you next episode PEAACE !

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