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One piece! a series for anime or manga lovers, one of the most known and loved titles there are for hardcore fans to casual readers or viewers this anime/manga has been one of the most followed, as it has over 500 of action packed episodes and 800 chapters on its manga, of course we can’t go on without having at least 1 or 2 of our favorites characters action figures, here ill mention a review for those hardcore fans out there or even for the one off readers of the series so you can read about the quality and quantity of the One Piece action figures you can get:

Luffy: Our favorite pirate captain as we have seen on the One Piece Franchise he has been changing through the years, this action figures stay true to these changes as well, we can see out straw-hat captain from his childhood with shanks, highly marked with all details and lines, our one time Nightmare Luffy with every muscle and nightmarish veins marked on him with his sword, to even his movies costumes, all with high details and very well made, all worthy of the Pirate King name!

Zoro: The Best Swordsman we know, Zoro was our first recruit of the Straw-hat pirates loved by all even with his terrible sense of direction, since the start of the series he had a unique outfit, here on these one piece action figures you can get it all highly detailed and perfectly traced lines on his clothes and sword staying true to his name, as well as his movie costumes to his badass one eyed appearance on the latest chapters of the series.

Nami: Sexier? impossible, this weather girl, the third recruit of the straw-hat pirates comes with all her outfits since the start of the series to her lasts, movies included, all defined as perfect as possible, for the hardcore fans we have our bride Nami action figure with her clima tact and her Kimono figurine as well, all detailed with great care and quality.

Usopp: This long nose marksman was our fourth recruit; he has a few mini models and figurines as he’s one of the lowest in popularity on the Straw-hat pirates still loved by many, his one piece action figures stay true to his name of legendary Sogeking alter ego, as well as his after time-skip pumped up version of Usopp.

Sanji: Our Kicking woman-lover yet stylish fifth crew member, comes with his suit to stay, all detailed with his black leg and multiple changes, this action figure and collectibles are second to none as well, for the hardcore fans we have the young cook Sanji from his childhood or for those touched by his story with the Chef Zeff also known as Red-Leg all highly detailed and defined as well with no imperfection on its color or clothes, even for those loving the gunslinger Sanji as he is included with the One Piece action figures as well.

Chopper: The cutest of them all, comes with a variety of costumes and hats as we know, these karate reindeer comes with a variety of modes as our favorite Hornpoint mode, all fur detailed as well as the horns highly durable and detailed as well, and his clothes are no exception.

Nico Robin: Second of the girls of the Straw-hat, the seventh recruit, previously known as Miss All Sunday, her action figures highly detailed and marked as well, comes from the Young Nico Robin to the highly acclaimed Kimono Costume, all made perfectly for all the fans of the series even a the fan service figurine lovers.

Franky: The Badass Cyborg loved by many, comes with every top notch detail ever possible, comes with a series of costumes as well as a kid version figurine with multiple head changes and arm changes so you can have where to choose from, all highly detailed and defined as well for every hardcore fan of this beloved crewmate.

Brook: Our Talkative Skeleton and pantie lover comes with great details as well that you can hear his “yohoho”. You can see a figure as massive as 18 CM to a mini 4cm collectibles available for you all with near perfect details satisfying even the most detailed fan.

Of course, we still have a few honorable mentions as we can’t be called true fans of One Piece if we don’t get our hands on other favorites like Ace and Sabo One Piece action figures which comes with high quality details as well as their clothes perfect for those who love this fire brothers, you can get your hands on more characters of the series such as Trafalgar Law, Marco, Edward Newgate and even Villains such as Crocodile Doflamingo and the whole Shichibukai group and much more, have your mind racing with all the one piece action figures, Collectibles and Mini figures you can get for all die-hard fans of this franchise all with great quality able to satisfy your needs of a true One Piece Fan.

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