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New Female Nakama | One Piece Theory
by Roronoa
Apr 17, 2017 / 0 comments

There is a possibility for a new rule of the female recruit Until now we had the similarities of Nami and Robin: past enemy a unique position on the crew they left the crew for their sake they had a very sad past and blah blah blah

But, now we have the connection of the main thing of the series: Poneglyphs Robin has the unique ability to read those stones From Zou arc, we understand that Nami is needed too The locations which are given from road poneglyphs should be explained by a skilled navigator So, we have the parts of reading and converting them to a map

But, there is needed one more part The one that keeps Poneglyphs text This must be the copying of the stones on the fishing prints (gyotaku)

This method is needed With this, the texts will be easy read by Robin again and again because she must connect them and give the final conclusion So, she needs all the text together The fishing prints are connected with Zou, by extension with Minks Now, the Mink with this role is Pedro, but he is at his limit and we need a female in this role, so this is the chance of Carrot

In Chapter 851, Carrot said she’s good at drawing portraits Drawing portraits is something like “copying” or a “photo” Every person in the crew takes a dream of another, so Carrot will take the part of Pedro’s dream Although, her dream will be greater Carrot will be the photographer of the crew, she will want to photograph every place and thing of the world, one of them will be poneglyphs

You can also check Stefan’s theory about Carrot, link in the description, and subscribe to him, for every week chapter review, is very good for hints about your own theory Well, yes, Carrot can take this role of the crew, and if you like this theory, share it with your community

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