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Nami’s Old Friend, The Key to Whole Cake Island | Quick Prediction | One Piece Chapter 824
by Roronoa
Apr 15, 2017 / 0 comments

One Piece Chapter 824 had shown, the current situation of Sanji’s Rescue Team, and because of Luffy’s carelessness, a week’s worth of provisions had been lost, and now, they are dealing with starvation. Now, this may all appear, to be a “gag scene”, but it’s also possible that something interesting would happen to Sanji’s Rescue Team.

First of all, I would like to give credits to the guy, who had a theory about Gourmet Island and gave me an idea, on what is in store in the upcoming chapters. Marco, One Piece Theorist, made a very good observation, about the possibility of Lola, currently riding in a ship, that is owned by Mayor Bimine and his daughter, Marumieta, of the Gourmet Island, Pucci. I will put a link in the description about his theory, so please watch his video and subscribe to his channel. Moving on, I would like to say that I support his theory and I would base my prediction, from the theory that Marco One Piece Theorist made. I believe that Mayor Bimine and Marumieta, are sailing in the New World, in order to attend an important meeting, the Reverie, and there would be 2 important events that will be triggered because of this.

First is that, since it is the ship of the Gourmet Island, then the Sanji Rescue Team, can finally have their first decent meal in days and probably stock up on food as well. Second, is that Nami, would meet her old friend she met in Thriller Bark Lola, the Captain of the Rolling Pirates.

Lola got into the Gourmet Island’s ship in order to meet her “Pirate Mom”, who as she said was in the New World. However, in contrary to the theories, that Lola is Big Mom’s daughter, I have a different theory about the identity of Lola’s mother. I believe that Lola’s “Pirate Mom” is actually, Miss Bucking: the supposed mother of the new Shichibukai, Edward Weeble. So I believe that Lola will transfer to the Thousand Sunny, since the Gourmet Island’s ship is going to a different direction. More so, It’s because Lola discovered that the Thousand Sunny, is heading into the “Whole Cake Island.

” Now, You might wonder: “why would Lola be interested in hopping aboard the Thousand Sunny, when they are going to the Whole Cake Island, and not to Miss Bucking?” It’s because, Lola knows, that Luffy’s group would instantly be murdered, once they enter the territory of Big Mom So, “what would happen?”. Lola would propose to Luffy’s group something: and that is, to take a “detour”. Because Lola can sneak them inside the Whole Cake Island, which is the original plan and that way is to find Lola’s Mom, Miss Bucking who I believe, is a high ranking crewmember, and sister of Charlotte Linlin.

Also known as Big Mom: one of the Four Emperors I would also like to add, that this would also lead to Sanji’s Rescue Team, gaining an alliance from a familiar enemy, after finding Miss Bucking Gecko Moriah, Absalom and Doctor Hogback Which is interesting, because with Luffy right now is Nami, Chopper and Brook All of them having interesting connections with Moriah’s Crew

I will expand on this theory, in a separate video on what I believe, will happen in the Whole Cake Island Arc.

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