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My Theory Is Proven Correct | One Piece Chapter 829 Review
by Roronoa
Apr 18, 2017 / 0 comments

A while ago I made a theory about where is the lost Red-Poneglyph, and in this chapter 2 things that I said are confirmed to be correct The first one is that the Poneglyph that Jinbe found in that city, he will give it to Big Mom

And the second that Jinbe will be in Whole Cake Island In this theory, I also say that maybe Jinbe will use the Poneglyph to convince Big Mom not to go after the Straw Hats And in this chapter, Jinbe says to Big Mom that “Today, I have something of the utmost importance, I must discuss with you” I think he wants to talk with Big Mom about the Straw Hats, otherwise, why would he be there at this time Now, it’s still not confirmed that this Poneglyph that Jinbe gave to Big Mom is a Red-Poneglyph

But I think it is a Red-Poneglyph because we learn in Zou Island that Kaido and Big Mom are after the Red-Poneglyphs, and this is why Jinbe took that Poneglyph and gave to Big Mom If this Poneglyph was just like the other ones then why would Jinbe give it to Big Mom, I don’t think she is interested in the true history But if she is, then why Jinbe didn’t give it to Big Mom also the Poneglyph that is on Fishman Island There are other reasons why I think this Poneglyph is the lost Red-Poneglyph, for more watch this theory, the link will be in the description And now let’s start the Review: The Straw Hats are heading to Whole Cake Island following the map that Pudding gave them

When Luffy sees this map says that this map is weird, but Luffy says this every time when he seems something that he doesn’t understand, or maybe he is up to something?! Then we see an underwater panel and one fish is watching towards the sunny but you can see other fishes as well that are even closer to the sunny Could this map be a trap? or because this route is only known to Big Mom’s family, the sunny won’t be reported because they would think that this ship is from someone of the Big Mom’s family because they are the only ones that use this route While Nami is following the map, Luffy wants to cook again When this guy will ever learn anything, but the good thing is that Nami just became Sanji 2 Watching Luffy’s face in that moment I am not sure is that Fear of just confusion, why they don’t appreciate my food, it taste great

They pass the Jam Island and they are heading to Cheese Island It would be nice if they won’t stopped at any other islands on their way and just go to Whole Cake Island but they would probably run into some trouble, I don’t think this would be so easy And then we go to Whole Cake Island, and when I saw that text that says “This is bad! mama’s illness has reared its head again” I was like what?! another Yonko with an illness, but this was not the case here, which I am glad So basically Big Mom goes on a rampage destroying and killing everyone in her path

But what is causing all of this?! I don’t think this is just “Eating Disorder” It could be something more, What do you guys think? tell me in the comments I have an idea what her devil fruit is, I am going to make a theory about this It will be posted soon on the channel And about the last few pages of the chapter, I already talked in the beginning of this video

So, this is it for me for this chapter, thanks for watching Like and Share if you like this video and Subscribe for more One Piece Videos

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