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Mihawk’s Links with Wano and Kouzuki Oden | One Piece Theory
by Roronoa
Apr 17, 2017 / 0 comments

Time for theory! It’s a very fresh theory, and it has connections from very very old arcs, but this is the mastership of Oda.

The theory is actually, how Mihawk is related with Wano and moreover with Kouzuki clan. We know we will see him soon and probably, during Wano arc. It hasn’t to do only with his swordsmanship or his drawing as a child, but with the most important thing anymore: Poneglyphs. Let’s use the “Through looking glass theory”, is a very good tool and it will prove why this is a possible scenario. Firstly, let’s take a look at why Mihawk might have a storyline paralleled with Robin’s.

It’s the very similar debut for these two. Early in the series we have this similarity, and we know that Oda is a master for foreshadowing, and he can reveal things after hundred chapters. But this is weird too early. Mihawk’s debut in chapter 49, Robin’s debut in chapter 114.

Both of them appeared on the “boat “. Ok, Robin is up to the turtle, but even Mihawk hasn’t a regular boat but a coffin. Both of them are in a place surrounding with debris. The next point is that they had already “destroyed” ships. Robin for fake 8 ships.

Even if this was a lie, it followed her for a big time. Mihawk had destroyed 50 ships of Don Krieg, and it was for real. I don’t know if you get it, but the “rumor” of destroying ships follow those two, real or not. Well, before the time skip, we had the arc about Robin and her unique role for reading poneglyphs, but in the new world, we have only learned about the ability to create Poneglyphs. This ability was only in the Kouzuki clan, and it stopped with Oden’s death.

The strange is that this ability is revealed and seems that none have it, but it wouldn’t be a surprise if someone has this unique ability. The theory is why this person is Mihawk. Outside of his parallelism with Robin, the last one who can read them, is his possible past with Wano and Oden. Oden before sailed with Roger as a pirate, lived at Wano Kuni. He could have a pupil, and this one could be Mihawk.

Mihawk has a sword named Yoru, and Yoru means “night”, and Kouzuki means “moonlight”. Moonlight appears clearly during the night. After is the land of Kouzuki clan, Kuri Kuri means “priests’ quarters”. It’s a very detail but Mihawk has a symbol of a priest, his cross.

Those are two strong links between Mihawk and Oden Mihawk, as a kid seems, has a samurai appearance and he is hurt by his training, and we know in Wano. There are the samurai and strong swordsmen, so it’s possible for him to have origins from this country. But why Mihawk was trained by Oden? The above hints tell us this could be true, but Mihawk isn’t a Kouzuki member, so why Oden taught him how to create poneglyphs? We know that in every country that someone is an evil king or leader, and Shogun is like that, there is a kind king who was tricked by the evil King. It’s like Dressrosa with Doflamingo and Riku, it’s like Fishman Island with Neptune and Hody Jones. The previous Shogun of this country was tricked by the current and he lost his throne.

This Shogun was a friend with Oden, and he trusted him with a member of his family, Mihawk Mihawk has the bracelet of nobles, and this makes him a possible member of an important family, so he could be the son of the previous Shogun or another member of this family, but his connections are strong. Oden took him under his protection and taught him, but this is a secret because Mihawk hasn’t used this ability yet, you can see in Marineford he couldn’t cut diamond and Poneglyph is strong like a diamond. It’s not that he can’t, but he didn’t use the special technique because he should cover his ability. Now, during Wano, Mihawk will come back for avenging his family and he will cooperate with Straw Hats.

Then we will have his backstory and it will reveal his ability to create Poneglyphs. This must be a half part of his past because when he left Wano and became Shichibukai is another theory. Rate this theory Share it and comment.

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