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The Meaning of the One Piece Logo | One Piece Theory
by Roronoa
Apr 18, 2017 / 0 comments

It had been said that every picture tells a story, and every story can be captured into images. But would you believe, that a mere logo, conveys a message as well? In this short theory, we will discuss the meaning, hidden in the logo, of Eichiiro Oda’s new age epic.

One Piece The logo of One Piece, I believe, narrates the entire journey, and adventure of the Straw hat Pirates, from the very start, until the glorious end. Summarized in one, single image. Please observe, how the logo of One Piece is laid out. The letter “O” with the Jolly Roger, of the Straw hat Pirates signifies multiple things.

This symbolizes the beginning, of Monkey D Luffy’s journey, the sea that holds the 4 blues. North, South, East and West. In this case, is represented by the crossbones of the Jolly Roger. Of course, Luffy would not set out to the sea, without the straw hat, that he received from Shanks, the one that became his drive, to traverse the perils of the Grand Line. After entering the Reverse Mountain, which is represented by the Jolly Roger’s Skull, you will enter the first half of the Grand Line called, “Paradise”, which is represented by the letters: N, E and P. I would also like to say, that the skull of Jolly Roger, not only represents the Reverse Mountain obviously, it also symbolizes, Monkey D Luffy, or in another case, the Straw hat Pirates, with the skull biting into the, “Rope of Adventure”, until it reaches the end, which is connected to an anchor.

“Shanks” is a term for a part of an anchor or the anchor itself. The anchor also represents harbor, meaning to stay still, in one place, such as Shanks waiting for Luffy, at the end. The two blue horizontal bars, at the top and bottom, I believe are the representation of the Calm Belts and of course the Grand Line is separated by the Red Line, which as prophesized by Madam Sharley, was to be destroyed in the future, by Monkey D Luffy himself. The second half of the Grand Line, the New World is represented by, E, C, and E, which is the Anchor where Shanks awaits.

Now where does the search, for the final destination ends? I believe that the journey started in the Reverse Mountain, and it would end, in the Reverse Mountain, as everything would come full circle, and find the last island of the Grand Line, at the start. As a Pirate Treasure Map would indicate, the “X” marks the spot, and the Jolly Roger also indicates that “X” mark, The last island of the Grand Line, is inside Reverse Mountain “The Emerald City”, Raftel The entrance to Raftel, is in the Calm Belt, represented by the rope, going into the skull’s mouth. The nose of the skull represents the exit, which is at the center of the Reverse Mountain, in which they would have to be blown out, like being blown out, of a Whale’s blowhole.

The Strawhat’s journey, and their connection to Whales, will be discussed in another theory. Finally, the eyes of the Jolly Roger, represents the “Eyes”, that sees the truth, because the Rio Poneglyphs, the revelation of the True History, is located in Raftel. However, reaching the legendary, Emerald City, as the famous story it was based from, would not give Monkey D Luffy, what he was looking for One Piece, is not in Raftel.

Maybe its the reason, why the eyes, of Jolly Roger were hollow? The location of One Piece, and what is One Piece, will be discussed in a separate topic. Please note that I am making this theory, as preparation for the next following theories as this theory sets the stage, for the upcoming large-scale theories, which as follows: The adventures to acquire the title of the Pirate King, depicted in a single picture.

Theory By Beck26

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