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Luffy’s Mother | One Piece Theory
by Roronoa
Apr 15, 2017 / 0 comments

Who is really the mother of Luffy? In the animated series is still no single scene or moment, Giving us some information on that score But there are some nuances that fans noticed.

Everyone knows that in the universe of One Piece has characters, The game is close to the mother’s role and more like guardians for Luffy. Dadan was one of the key people at a time when Luffy was a child. It is worth adding Mackinac, which is not at all, But with some kind of hand too close to a mother for Luffy. Some people are of the opinion, It might be the same story, As with Portgas Ace, Dee Dee and Portgas Rouge – Death after giving birth because of too long childbearing. But we do know that she – the mother of one of the worst generation of the most important figures – Dee Monkey Luffy, future pirate king.

And she is a woman, which once had his eye the most wanted criminal in the world. If she was alive and knew about this world government, It is likely they would try to use it as leverage against Luffy and Dragon’s. In an interview with Oda we asked when we see parents Luffy And he said something in the spirit of: “Next you will appreciate that”. It has introduced fans to some confusion And after the release of a new chapter with Dragoni people become obsessed with the idea, That the woman with him – is the mother of Luffy, what is really hard to believe.

The whole story was far-fetched, Oda, apparently, said that in the next volume will be Dragon And we will be glad to see him. My opinion on this is that, That we will never see Luffy’s mother in the current timeline. It is likely that its appearance will be in the Dragon’s flashback And we learn that contributed to its establishment as a revolutionary, Why he went against the world government, Who founded the revolutionary army. Perhaps he and Mother were the founders of Luffy. All these details will be interested to know. For me, this is sentimental flashback, which will open the interior of the character

There is another incredible and stupid concept with world know. If Luffy mother was Tenryubito, It would make Luffy half Dee and Tenryubito, Those he would have been on both sides. It is a good idea, because such people tend to play the role of connecting link And change the world Most people hate Tenryubito, And the idea that Luffy’s father had a relationship with one of Tenryubito sounds promising.

It would be nice to see the flashback, which would have revealed the reason why the Dragon – the most wanted man in the world And why he was doing it all. I would like to recall the story in Loguetown, Dragan actually worried for Luffy. We definitely need to find out who is actually his mother Your opinion, who is in fact the mother of Luffy. You can always share in the comments I’m sorry, the video turned out so short

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