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Katakuri Caused Shanks’Scar | One Piece Theory
by Roronoa
Apr 15, 2017 / 0 comments

A theory comes out, and this time is about Katakuri. Even if he is a completely new character, we can’t ignore that he was foreshadowed in the past like many characters in One Piece.

It was a big speech about him, and he made his debut right before the wedding’s start. He has a big plot role from now on, so let’s analyze the cover who foreshadowed him.

One Piece chapter 28 cover

On this cover, we have Straw Hats as farmers. We can notice a lot of potatoes.

Katakuri is confirmed to mean dogtooth, but there is and another meaning as “potato’s starch”. Probably it isn’t a strong reason itself for getting Katakuri’s foreshadowing, but here are some hints of Whole cake island, that makes potatoes to be related to Katakuri. At first look, the sign has drawn a cup of tea And the direction is in the village. The two symbols are the two teams of Straw Hats.

If we guess, the “tea-cup” is the team who went in Whole Cake for the tea party, the other with the “house”, is the team who went in Wano. The animal who walks in this direction has horns referenced to Kaido. After, there are some carrots. Carrot and her favorite food, what else from carrots, are active in Whole Cake arc. If Carrot joins or not, we can see that the main potato and the main carrot are jumping out of the cart at the same time, so what if there is some plot in the future between Katakuri and Carrot? It could be something like Nami and Buggy, or Robin and CP9, to wit a “fake” alliance for some reason.

But here’s the theory is about. We can expect Katakuri’s power with how it relates to the story. Look very close Zoro in this cover: He has 3 potatoes put on his head, and he is the ONLY one without gloves for farming.

After giving a look to Shanks back, and he has an imprint of Zoro’s “dirty” hands. Actually, is the hand which holding a potato And in Shanks’ t-shirt is written the phrase “marvelous noon”. This phrase has a meaning of a peaceful time, and you can check that Shanks covers his face with his hand. Moreover, this side of the face is who has his famous scar.

So, I’m starting to think that Katakuri is related to Shanks scar somehow. Many have been theorizing, including me, that Blackbeard gave this scar to Shanks, with his hidden zoan Devil Fruit But it isn’t impossible that Blackbeard was involved in this and he didn’t hurt directly Shanks even in chapter 434, Shanks says that Teach “inflicted” the scar, and it isn’t because Shanks was careless. Concluding, what happened was BETRAYAL.

Blackbeard acted friendly with Shanks, and during a rest time, betrayed him, and made Katakuri to giving the famous scar Maybe, he caused this, using his jelly beans or his development Observation haki. Also, the name of “dogtooth” is fitting with the type of Shanks scar But why Katakuri was attacked, Shanks? Probably, because he was on Roger’s crew, and Roger stole Big Mom’s information for Raftel, and yet Big Mom has a grudge against him after those years. Now, do you think Shanks was actually defeated? I think not.

I think the hidden scar of Katakuri’s mouth was the cost of this attack back then.Shanks with his two arms and his great swordsmanship, he was able to fight Katakuri, so he left his “gift” to him. Thank you much for watching Rate and share this theory See ya

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