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by Roronoa
Apr 15, 2017 / 0 comments

Kaido is a good emperor in the world of One piece that caught my attention and it made me ask a lot of questions about following the story of Luffy is Kaido well! Hyakuju No Kaido is one of the most feared pirates and respected in the world, actor major black market in one piece, it is the biggest customer of Doflamingo Regarding the development of smilies or fruits artificial demon, but it is to date the only one who besieged Wa No Kuni, or the land of the living samurais Yet far in autarky rules and laws of the world government

Kaido is also the creature that beat Gecko Moria and pushed him to leave again world, it is also responsible for the attack on Jack Zoo but also capturing Eustass Kid In short, you’ll understand the emperor is not a child’s heart more Now that we have learned at its first appearance, that it has suffered seven losses, was caught 18 times, either by sea or enemies, that was tortured many times and finally he was sentenced to death forty times Best of all, it would be able to overturn new giant ships prisons Both say that we are the front of a case of extreme rarity Besides being extremely powerful and terrible, believe me its defeats have very it could well be dealt by Whitebeard, Roger or Shiki and even why not only by Roger the Pirate King, he would have inflicted seven losses to the creature the most powerful in the world, it’s not great? brief truce worldliness and return on topic yes because death seems refused to approach the Yonkou

Some think it was the victim of “youth” Operation of Op Op No Mii, which is supposed to make the immortal subject Well, this theory can be expected but when you lean more to it not so close finally because if one refers to the definition of the word that is immortality: “Immortality is the fact that a living being to escape death and remain living indefinitely, even eternal ” Here what is emphasized is the aspect of “life” of the subject, ie, it can stay alive but if it suffers damage it will necessarily be impacted, and if we cut him a leg that does not grow, it will be permanently lost despite “immortality” But that in no way corresponds to Kaido because we know he was about to hang or to the guillotine and weapons are automatically broken and will have him left no scars on the body, if it was really the effects of Op Op No

Mii, Kaido was covered with scars It’s that easy so the op op No mii you can forget it and listen rather that To date and according to Law, the chances of defeat kaido are thin and fall 30% because given its invulnerability battle promises already lost Except, it remains to me a crucial point which will allow the alliance Muugiwara / minks / marco and law and this point is the scar Kaido This injury is healed by me “THE BREACH THE SOLUTION” to the problem Kaido As I said earlier, all the weapons that hit Kaido were broken one by one and the scar it has shown us that there’s a way to hurt him Still, this apology at the invulnerability Kaido remember strangely that of Siegfried “Siegfried is a warrior prince from a higher power, responsible for many exploits, like the murder of Fáfnir dragon in Norse mythology

Some traditions relate that he became invulnerable, especially when bathing in the blood of the monster, except in one place back which was not wet, and he was tragically killed because of this weakness ” The weakness of Siegfried represents the alliance out Indeed, I would recall that the history of the Nordic warrior can be seen as Oda inspiration because Siegfried was also insensitive to weapons and shots as is the Yonkou, and even warrior has a weakness at the back which can be likened Kaido has the scar It is clear that the scar will not be reopened by simple weapons white This will require a high-powered haki and good strike force to waver the emperor

And I think, you know Luffy does not reflect this eventuality and darken the pile head down to do battle until one its allies, and I think particularly Jinbei big brother, the strategist, the voice of the reason that will motivate them to aim for the abdomen Kaido to reopen this old scar It will, it says, needs a new asset in terms of power to hurt but Kaido that we’ll talk about in a future video Also, if I keep my opinion that I have from the start of the scar that is it’s GOL D ROGER who inflicted Kaido, it would mean indirectly Roger has entrusted the destiny of Kaido to the one who inherited his will be Luffy That this is the end of the video, I hope you gets off, do not hesitate to drop a big blue thumb if that is the case and as for me, I tell you very quickly on the channel for new content! sayonnera bro !!!

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