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Jack and Oro Jackson | One Piece Theory
by Roronoa
Apr 15, 2017 / 0 comments

Theory’s time and I have one about Jack who may be this strong captain, and with who legend is related.

What do we know about Jack? He is a disaster, a Fishman, a devil fruit user. His very own name, Jack, could be related to the other character And this character is Tom. Tom was a Fishman and he was the builder of Roger’s ship, Oro Jackson From Water 7, seems that a shipwright not only builds ships, but he can give a name to it like Franky did with his battleships.

So, if Tom gave the name to the legendary ship, we can take a big information from what name he gave Oro Jackson. There is a hidden phrase here “Jack-son”. Is it crazy to believe that Jack is Tom’s real son? Both of them are fishmen, and this title is strange connected And it’s something more into it.

The legend of the god ‘Oro

In Polynesian Mythology “Oro” is a god, the god of war Oro enjoys fighting and demands human sacrifices during wartime. During a peacetime and when Oro decided to marry, he created a rainbow. The figures of this god, are made of woven dried coconut fibre.

In this myth, we see some keys who are links with Jack and Zou arc Just like god Oro, Jack enjoys war and to sacrifices his enemies, and when he left from Zou, we have seen there a “rainbow” and the message of “marriage” for Sanji’s story. The “dried” fibre of Oro’s figures are very related to Jack’s epithet, Drought Seems that the title “Oro Jackson” is deeply connected with Jack the Drought. So, how the story could be? We know that Tom’s character is based on Tom Builder, from the novel “The pillars of the Earth”.

In this novel, Tom Builder left his real son, and he adopted another boy, Jack Jackson In One Piece, Tom adopted Franky, we don’t know yet if he had a son, and I doubt he left his own son. But, here is this cover. A grave with the name “Jack”. As long as in the novel, Tom adopted Jack, jestingly with surname “Jackson”, I think Tom “lost” his real son Jack In the novel, “Pillars of Earth”, Tom Builder lost his wife during the birthing and decided to abandon his son. When he regret it and came back, his son has vanished. Oda has used Tom’s character from this novel, so I believe he could use a variation of this story, and he could make Tom to losing his son Jack once, and thinking of him as dead, so when he built the ship for Roger, he chooses the name of this ship.

I even think that the reason who Tom “lost” his son was Kaido. Think that with this way, will enter into the story of Kaido, Roger and “Oro Jackson”, if there is a backstory. To ending this theory, let’s keep a quote of Tom In chapter 356, Tom said to Franky: No matter what kind of ship you choose to create, there lies no “good” or “evil” in it!! I don’t care what you want to make in the future!! But, no matter who the ship you made hurts!! No matter how much ruin it brings to the world.

!!! The father of that ship must love it as no one else does!!! The father of that ship must not deny it is his!!! Don’t blame the ship!! A man must be proud of the ship he builds! Could it be this a foreshadowing of Jack? Thank you much for watching Rate and share this theory.

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