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Is Big Mom Defeated? | One Piece Manga Chapter 875
by Roronoa
Sep 11, 2017 / 0 comments

I was going to talk about the cover page but I don’t want to die. Rest in Peace Barto Club, you will be missed.

Brook and Chopper are using the submarine to get to the Sunny, and on their way, they see something that could be very important for this arc but Oda doesn’t want to reveal that yet so he was very vague about it. In my previous videos, I said that the best way for them to escape from Whole Cake Island is underwater because Big Mom and her commanders will be handicapped because they are all devil fruit users. Also, the armies of homies cannot do anything underwater.

What if that Fishman knows how to coat ships and he already did coat a ship and with this ship, the straw hats will escape. They will tie the sunny to this coated ship and drag it underwater until they are out of danger. At first, I thought that maybe this Fishman will coat the sunny, if Brook and Chopper somehow do manage to defeat the Big Mom Pirates. But the problem here is that coating a ship does take a lot of time. The last thing that Chopper says is: what is he doing? Fishing? Maybe he is trying to capture that seaking, in order to drag the ship underwater.

In the Seducing Woods, the situation is still the same. The Straw hats are trying to escape while Big Mom is chasing them. Jinbe is talking about Big Mom and her eating problem. He is explaining to us something that was explained a couple of times in this arc. Maybe Oda thinks we have amnesia or this is the only way to drag this arc as much as possible. More chapters more money.

Anyway, Luffy says that: We should not be too far from the ship, but that’s the thing with this forest. Cannot tell if you are going in a straight line or not”. It’s always nice when the writer does the research, when it comes to stuff like this Oda never fails. Most people who are lost in the jungle think that they are walking in a straight line but in fact, they are walking in circles and that’s why is so hard to get out of the jungle.

But since the Seducing Woods is alive and is trying to confuse them. Their escape becomes even harder. Zeus is following Nami as a good dog even though Big Mom is right behind him. At first, I thought why he is not scared of Big Mom, especially in this condition when she is not herself. We saw her killing her own son but here’s the thing, Zeus has Big Mom’s soul, besides her soul being used as a power source for him to come to life.

Zeus has some of the traits of Big Mom, just like Big Mom when it comes to food she loses her mind, Zeus is doing the same. Zeus is following Nami because she is giving him food, just like Big Mom is following the Straw Hats because she thinks they have the wedding cake. Like mother like son. Luffy says to Prometheus: “How dare you burn these trees” I don’t know if the translation is wrong, maybe he meant tree, he is talking about king Baum. Because otherwise why does he care about the homies who are trying to stop the straw hats from escaping.

Luffy attacks him but it was useless, this is very interesting Big Mom did create Prometheus with the powers of her devil fruit so why is it that Haki is not effective. This case looks similar to what happened in MarineFord with Aokiji and Akainu when they were hit with Haki attacks. I made a video about this, if you want to watch it later the link will be in the description. Some of the members of Big Mom Pirates did catch up the Straw hats and immediately Pedro and Carrot start fighting rather than trying to escape.

It seems that the Minks cannot help themselves, they really are a fighting tribe. That scene when Zeus eats all the weather eggs and grows big was really funny. It went really fast from: “Oh this is great”, to “Oh what have I done”. That’s what happens kids when you eat stuff that you shouldn’t. I think they do make a great couple.

Anyway, I click onto the next page and when Zeus shoots his lightning on Big Mom, at that exact moment I heard the sound of lightning outside and did start raining. So, it was very weird, for this scene I did not need to imagine the sound effects and now the big question is: Is Big Mom down? Oda did show us two panels, one for her pirates and they look like they are unconscious, and she looks in the same condition. If this is how Big Mom is defeated then for me this seems anticlimactic. Katakuri and Peros are there but I don’t think they can take all of them on.

If Big Mom is down then all that thing with Pudding making a cake was for nothing. Maybe Oda wanted for Pudding to meet Sanji once more and he used this as an excuse. Anyway, what do you guys think about this chapter?

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