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Who the Hell Are You?! | One Piece Chapter 831 Review
by Roronoa
Apr 18, 2017 / 0 comments

This was not the chapter that we were expecting especially with everything that is happening right now in One Piece world In this video, I will talk about this chapter and I will tell you some of my predictions of what I think might happen in this arc

If you have any predictions of your own about this arc, let me know in the comments Anyway, when you see the Whole Cake Island on the first page it looks small, just a few cakes put together but based on this chapter it looks like it is bigger than you would expect I was surprised that Oda didn’t reveal who that character is that was behind Carrot on the last page of the previous chapter So Brook is going with Pedro in search for the road-poneglyph, and as we learned from Brook their mission is just to steal a copy of the poneglyph and not the poneglyph itself But knowing the importance of the road-poneglyph it will be hard to find especially in this island where nothing is normal and it has to be guarded by strong people

After all, we are talking about a yonko’s crew It was interesting to see that Oda did remind us again about that message that Pekoms left on the Sunny Turn Back What happened to change Pekoms’ mind and to say to the Straw Hats to turn back He knew better that anyone from the beginning that this would not be easy going on a Yonko’s territory and taking Sanji and going back just like that

I think something happened that he didn’t expect Now, let’s look more into it We know that Big Mom knows that the Straw Hats are coming to Whole Cake Island, but I don’t think this is the reason why Pekoms left this message behind Because this is too obvious and this is not Oda’s style There’s is no point of reminding us again about this message if this was that simple

I have a theory where I say that the whole cake island arc will be a big and important arc, if you want to watch this theory the link will be in the description Anyway, the notion that Big Mom and the Vinsmoke Family wants to join power doesn’t sound right to me They both want to be at the top and I don’t think they want to share power I think both parties are planning to take each other out and then take their army for themselves (and become King of the North Blue) Instead of a Wedding we might see a huge battle between the Big Mom Pirates and the Vinsmoke Family

It could be chaos, and this would suit the Straw Hats and they would be able accomplish what they came for, to take Sanji and take a copy of the Road-Poneglyph Or they could join the fight as well The villain of this arc has to be Big Mom because she is a Yonko and this is her Island And this is Luffy’s plan to defeat all the four Yonkos And since the Vinsmoke Family is Sanji’s family maybe the Straw Hats will team up with them to fight against Big Mom

I know that Sanji hates them, but I don’t think they will have a choice, because they cannot hope to defeat Big Mom and her crew themselves, they will need help I guess this would be an alliance for only one battle Anyway, now let’s go back to the chapter The Straw Hats did land on the island In the previous chapter, Luffy said that he saw someone at the coast

But in this chapter, he is saying that he saw Sanji and Pudding together, which is weird It could be that there are shapeshifters in this forest and that’s why they are seeing someone who looks like Sanji But here’s the thing the only way that this could be true is if the shapeshifter knows who the Straw Hats are and for what reason they came here in Whole Cake Island And this is why I don’t think is a shapeshifter because you see another guy like Luffy, and when Luffy starts to use his devil fruit powers the other guy did too!! It’s hard to believe that a shapeshifter can replicate the powers of the devil fruit And Nami says about Luffy that “It does look like he’s just acting like a fool in front of a mirror” But now the question is, what is the explanation for this, I think it has to do with the forest and since is called the seducing forest

Maybe the whole thing is just their imagination, they are seeing images that are in their head and that’s why they saw Sanji and Pudding because this is why they came for And about Luffy fighting another Luffy this one was weirder than the others But, who knows what’s goes on in his mind When that Crocodile didn’t want to eat them the first thing that comes to his mind is: “Are you trying to say we’re not good enough to eat” Well, Luffy I hope you can find an animal that will eat you, don’t be such a sensitive person This is it for me, this was a weird chapter, Let me know what did you guys think about this chapter in the comments

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