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The Final Tier of Haki & Spiritual Origin | One Piece Theory
by Roronoa
Apr 20, 2017 / 0 comments

 One Piece Theory : The Final Tier of Haki & Spiritual Origin

So, this is an idea that I’ve been thinking about for a very long time, and just recently I found a way to put it all together and this is going to be a very very big one piece theory and it’s going to be a lot to take in, and just realize this is just a theory.

It’s not a hundred percent set in stone but I do believe with certain pieces of evidence in certain points, it can all link together and make a lot of sense for most people.

Now, in the whole cake island arc, we have this whole new idea of spirits and souls, all being established with Big Mom and Brook. With Big Mom, she has the ability to take, manipulate and transplant souls.

Brook has the ability to leave his body, with his soul and he has the ability to use different techniques with his soul… and I won’t be getting too much into the idea of souls in this theory. This is going to involve a bunch of different aspects but the idea of Souls being established in One Piece is very important because people used to not really recognize it very much.

But because the idea of souls has been so highlighted in the story, I believe it now as a lot of credibility to this idea that I’ve had for a very long time and that is of course Haki identity, and even a while back, I discussed how Souls and spirits could be transplanted into different objects.

This was like a year ago, so it was a very very early idea. All of these ideas will be any annotations on the screen so feel free to check them out, but understand this video, you don’t have to actually watch any of those videos. It would just give you a better understanding of where I’m coming from but to get more into what I am talking about, I need to break down the idea of Haki and spirits.

Haki is basically described as a mysterious power in every single person that is able to sense the spirits of others. Use your spirit as an armor and in some cases people can overpower the spirits of other people with Haki, and these are broken into the three colors of Haki.

  • Armament Haki
  • Observation Haki
  • Conquerors Haki

Now, this is all pretty obvious but this is very important because it is all linked to the person’s spirit and their soul and this is further proven. In the fact in punk hazard, Law was able to use an ability called the personality transplant surgery which slopped the spirits of different straw hats and put it into each other’s bodies. Now, when Sanji was an Nami’s body, he was unable to use any of his physical strength, however, he was still able to use his Haki… and this is only because his spirit and his Haki are linked together and function as one.

Now another point is early on when Blackbeard describes Luffy as having a very powerful chi or spirit and in some translations, he actually uses the word Haki which is interesting because Luffy did not have any of the colors of Haki early on in the series… and this isn’t the first time he mentions spirits either. Later on, in Impel Down, Blackbeard comments that Luffy’s spirit has grown much stronger and this is where Chi also known as Ki begins to sort of make sense in all this.

Now, Ki is a very Eastern idea. It is basically the belief in energy that exists in all living things… and this is sort of the basis for Dragon Ball Z and many other shonen as well… and we know that One Piece took heavy inspiration from Dragon Ball because even the Creator said that there would be no One Piece without Dragon Ball.

It’s very obvious that Haki is inspired by Ki… even uses the same Japanese symbol as Ki, however, this isn’t the only ability in One Piece that relies on spirit or Ki. Some other abilities that rely on spirit or Ki could potentially be a Rokushiki, Fishman karate and different swordsman styles.

Now, both of these martial arts styles allow a person to manipulate natural energy and much like Haki, they actually allow you to damage devil fruit users with Rokushiki. We see the use of natural energy and power being used especially by Lucci who is able to damage Luffy with his Rokuogan and with fishman karate, we have Jimbei being a perfect example.

Jimbei was able to use Fishman karate to stand up to both Luffy and Ace who are both devil fruit users who cannot be harmed by most physical attacks and even Koala is able to use Fishman karate which means that all living beings can use this energy… and one last side example is Okama Kenpo which allows you to use abilities like Ivankov’s DeathWink which sends out shock waves and once again goes back to the example of being able to use this sort of life energy to fight.

Now, Ki is used in many martial arts and could easily explain this sort of natural energy that is used in One Piece martial arts… and what’s interesting is that all of these styles are able to harm devil fruit users which are normally unharmed except by a Haki.

However, swordsmanship can take this one step further and how a person can use their spirit or natural energy to fight. One example of this is when Zorro was fighting Ryuma in Thriller Bark. We see that Zorro is mysteriously able to summon fire against Ryuma and ignite his wound… and we see when he uses this ability, there is a fire-breathing dragon behind him which is reflecting his spirit and this isn’t the first time we’ve seen a fire based sword style with Kinnemon.

We’ve seen that he is very capable of summoning fire with his sword and this is named Fox fire style… and we see all the way back in the CP9 arc that Zorro sword techniques are linked to his spirit. When Zorro fought Kaku, Kaku frequently noted that Zorro’s spirit was extremely strong and this was even the reason why he could manifest Ashura… and I made a whole video going into detail about this.

The annotation will be on the screen if you want to check it out. Now the perfect example of how this all connects is through Luffy. Now, Blackbeard said that Luffy had naturally strong Chi and this could potentially be why it’s so easy for him to learn Haki and many other techniques… and even Rayleigh pointed out that Luffy can actually learn abilities like Haki very easily at least compared to most people and this is because Luffy has a very strong spirit… and people with strong spirits also seem to be able to summon fire.

We have the example from before of Zorro being able to summon fire against Ryuma. However, Zoro was also able to maintain fire and he’s unaffected by it because when he fought Mr 5, he was actually resistant to his flames. With Luffy, we see that he’s able to summon fire with red hawk and this is the representation of his brother who had the fire fruit.

Now, Sanji who was frequently able to summon fire uses flames as his primary weapon. Now, much like Zorro, he does not get burned by the flames, however, when asked about this, Oda replied that this was because Sanji’s spirit was burning hotter than the flames. Another perk of having a strong spirit is being unaffected by conquerors Haki and people who can manipulate souls or spirits like Big Mom.

When Big Mom was going on a rampage, she takes the soul from her son but it was stated beforehand that he should not be afraid or else his soul will get stolen and this shows that people with weak spirits also have vulnerable souls. Another example of this is in the recent chapter where Brook overpowers the homies with his own soul or spirit and basically deactivates them. So hopefully this explains sort of how spirits work in this regard… and all of these seems to link to a person’s chi or Ki… and a chi can affect both your body and spirit… and this chart shows perfectly how can affect different parts of your body and spirit.

A good example of this in One Piece is gear fourth. It was stated by Law that Luffy over uses Haki in gear fourth and since gear fourth relies mostly on Haki, when he runs out of Haki, he is spiritually and physically immobile. In other words, his spirit or Chi is like the ammunition and Haki is the weapon that fires off the bullet and there are several other examples of how Haki reflects the user’s spirit.

Gear fourth has Haki patterns which reflect Luffy’s devil fruit, and his Haki takes on a rubbery nature which represents his power and Doflamingo called this a fusion of Haki and Devil fruit powers.

Zoro’s armament Haki might represent Ashura which is why it looks so cursed and with Usopp, we see that he uses observation Haki to be able to snipe better. Haki and spirit might also explain many other abilities that have been shown in the series for example, Goldie Roger could hear the voices of all things which allowed him to read the poneglyphs despite not knowing the language on Fishman Island.

There was also a psychic named Madame Charlie who could accurately predict the future. Even Usopp has the ability to make his lies come true and this was pointed out by the author himself in a cover page… and one last range ability is ShiraHoshi who has the ability to communicate with Sea Kings which earns her the title of ancient weapon, Poseidon.

All of these abilities seem like they could originate from the user’s spirit and in a sort of roundabout way, it could link back to advanced Haki abilities. Don’t forget that Luffy only knows the basics of Haki right now. So, I hope you enjoyed this theory. Comment if you think I’m right/wrong, and try to improvise! Constructive criticism is always welcome.

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