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by Roronoa
Feb 10, 2018 / 0 comments

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After chapter 783 and a slew of Gear Fourth theories, I decided to also make one. (LOL)

And I believe Luffy will reveal 2 more “Gears” in the future.

Gear Fifth and the “Reverse”.

I’ll just get straight to the point, here goes:

During the Enies Lobby Arc, Monkey D. Luffy invented 2 gears, namely Gear 2nd and Gear 3rd, to make a somewhat accurate guess on what Gear 4th would be, we need to look back and see how Luffy made the first 2 gears up and what’s the difference between the two.

First Gear (in a way) is Luffy’s natural fighting form, consisting of attacks named after “guns” after bragging to Shanks that his punch is as strong as a pistol.

Gomu Gomu No Pistol, Bazooka, Gatling Gun, Rifle, Rocket, Cannon….you get the point.

He also names his attacks after “weapons” namely, Axe, Whip, Sickle, Spear and other special things like Gomu Gomu No Storm (which he used against Crocodile), Fireworks (which he used against Captain McKinley’s troops) and Windmill (Against Moomoo when he fought Arlong)

Now, of all the attacks he used in his first form, its interesting to note the last 3: Storm, Fireworks and Windmill.

We all know that the basic Luffy have came from his fascination with pirates, and named his attacks with the weapon they used.

But the last 3 attacks are attacks he invented upon seeing or hearing something. Luffy is a battle genius.

He invented the Gomu-Gomu No Storm as either some sort of tribute to the drought in Alabasta or to Crocodile’s “sandstorm” itself.

He invented the Gomu Gomu No Fireworks after seeing the troops of Captain McKinley shooting Milky Cloud trails.

And he invented Gomu Gomu No Windmill (Pinwheel) after seeing Genzo’s pinwheel.

I brought this up because it applies to the logic he used with his “gears”.

Luffy invented the “gears” after being fascinated with the Sea-Trains at Water 7 and seeing the Elbaf Giants, and he acquired the method of those attacks from CP9’s Rokushiki techniques (specifically Soru) and from the Elbaf Giants he met at Little Garden.

Gear 2nd was him pumping blood to his veins in order to make him faster than his usual capabilities.

Gear 3rd was him expanding his rubber bones in order to imitate a limb of a giant.

And the last similarities is that, all his gears have “dangerous consequences” once used.

Gear 2nd being him draining his life, and Gear 3rd making him slower than usual and turning into a smaller Luffy for a few minutes.

So if we review his gears, they have several similarities:

1. They are invented after Luffy sees something he takes interest into.
2. Luffy imitates the attack of other people he fought.
3. There’s a serious consequence for using it.
4. It modify his body past his limits. (for 2nd its Blood, for 3rd its his bones)
5. It’s Luffy using the properties of rubber.

And an additional hint: Doflamingo comended Luffy for his quickness but noted that he “lacked power”, and Gear 3rd is too slow to hit Doflamingo.

So we could assume the 4th gear is fast enough to hit Doflamingo, but is strong enough to hurt him.

So what do I think Gear Fourth is?

I believe Gear 4th is “Revenge”.

Yes, and it pertains to the “Recoil” or “Rebound” capabilities of rubber and how it can sustain “stress” and “vibrations”.

Basically, I believe that this gear is a desperation move, that’s why I called it “Revenge”. If you played Street Fighter 4, you might know the “Revenge Meter” right?

Basically, the higher the damage you received, the stronger your “Desperation Move” using the “Revenge Meter” would be.

And when I mean it’s a desperation move, I mean it’s a desperation move: Luffy can only launch this attack ONCE.

And it’s the reason why Luffy uses it as a last resort if the 2 first gears don’t work, and if he is beaten badly.

Luffy stores all the impact and stress in his body, from his other attacks and from his opponent’s attacks, and then launches it with a super-fast attack and him dealing all the damage back to his opponent tenfold.

So how did Luffy come up of this Gear?

King’s Punch.

Let’s not forget that Luffy is watching that fight, and let’s not forget that it was mentioned that King Riku’s punch is able to take down a Yonkou.

And it’s just King Riku, while it’s true that I believe the Fourth Gear is a “One-Time” desperation shot, and he got that idea from King Riku, I believe that Luffy got that idea of using “Vibrations” by being against these guys.

Don Chinjao, Sai and Boo.

And I believe that the Fourth Gear is so powerful that Luffy’s punch will literally explode which he got from fighting another coliseum competitor.

Cannon Ideo.

Summing it up, I believe Luffy’s Fourth Gear is a combination the King’s Punch, Hasshouken and Ideo’s Cannon Punch.

Who or what will pay homage for this move though?


I believe Luffy will pay homage to Bellamy, he is also the reason why Luffy thought of this Gear in the first place, and the method came from King Riku, the Happou Navy and Ideo.

It’s very very meaningful that Luffy pays homage to Bellamy against Doflamingo.

What are the consequences for this move?

Basically everything, before Luffy use this move, he can’t attack….so he pretty much needs to defend entirely until he finds an opening.

After attacking, his whole body would be worn out and the inside of his body will rupture (good thing his body is rubber) but it still puts him in a really dangerous position since he is using the inside of his body to contain the impact.

Luffy basically is a walking Reject Dial in this gear, It’s basically Luffy’s version of Rokougan.

If he misses, he would be open for a very long time because his reaction time and his recovery from this attack would be very slow.

Why there are last 2 gears and what are they?

I honestly never even believed there would be a Gear Fourth until the recent chapter, but now it’s revealed, I sincerely believe that Luffy will imitate an engine (eventhough trains only got 2 gears. LOL).

Gear Fifth I believe would be Luffy finally having Elemental attacks. Remember when Luffy fought Enel? He insulated Enel’s electricity but who knows if he can produce it now that he took all of it?

He is already using a fire-attack, so I believe it would be more different than that.

As I said, Luffy will imitate an engine, and rubber can stand 2 elements: Fire and Lightning.

I believe that in the Fifth Gear, Luffy can freely produce Fire in one hand and Lightning in another hand, much like Blackbeard though he haven’t ate 2 devil fruits.

Remember Blackbeard’s abilities: Darkness and Vibrations.

Fire fights Darkness (figuratively and literally) and Lightning is another form of Vibration.

So basically in this form, Luffy could fight neck and neck with Blackbeard. I believe that not only Luffy can produce fire and lightning in his punches, he could also send shockwaves of lightning and fire if he punches the ground with it.

The drawback would be Luffy dealing damage to himself as well, not a long term damage like gear 2nd deals, but damage that he would feel while he is fighting in that moment.

Gomu Gomu No Stun Gun? LOL

Like this, basically:

Gear 2nd, Luffy imitated the piston of the engine, producing speed and steam.

Gear 3rd, Luffy imitated the wheels of the car, and inflated his bones.

Gear 4th, Luffy imitated the acceleration and brake properties of the car, producing a sudden burst of speed and power.

Gear 5th, Luffy imitated the heat and electricity of the engine, producing the ability to produce fire and lightning attacks.

Gear Sixth or Reverse
I believe Luffy will fully harness the Conqueror Haki’s full potential and he would basically be just in his normal mode, but his every attack utilizes the devastating power of Conqueror Haki’s wave.

One drawback: Luffy cannot control himself in this gear, and he risks the safety of him and everyone around him, and he can only uses for a short amount of time before it kills him.

Exactly when you reverse your car, minus the guide mirrors.

*Theory made by beck26

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