Doflamingo’s Eyes Theory
by Roronoa
Feb 10, 2018 / 0 comments

We already know that Oda for some reason not showing Doflamingo without his shades. We recently got a glimpse of Doflamingo’s right eye but Oda again covered his left eye with shade.


My theory is that Doflamingo is born with a medical condition which caused blindness in his left eye and for some reason cannot be fixed.

Above is a Doflamingo’s jolly roger which have a line across its left eye which can be thought as a eye patch covering his blind eye. Until now every pirate group’s jolly roger has attributes of that group’s captain and i think it proves that he is indeed blind in his left eye.

Doflamingo’s father intend to get away from mariejois for good reasons but there may be more to it. Since Celestial Dragons see themselves as gods, they do not want to have anyone who have physical disabilities from birth to be a CD, because that contradict their belief of them being gods (since gods have no weakness) and there may a unspoken rule to kill them at the time of birth.

But Doflamingo’s father cannot kill (because of his own ideals) his son and hid his son blindness from other CD’s using shades. Doflamingo’s family for some reason (Doflamingo’s father thought he may fail to hide his son weakness because Doflamingo is growing and it’s time to start to go to school!!?) intend to get away from mariejois to save Doflamingo.

(Naturally Doflamingo is unaware of all this)

After that we all know the history. Up until now we haven’t seen doflamingo showing any weakness except his cockiness (even luffy had to follow a plan to just punch him). So, him being blind can attribute to some weakness in his battle and can contribute to his defeat.

*theory made by RAN

What do you think about this theory? ^ ^

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