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Brook’s True Power | Awakening Elbaf | One Piece Theory
by Roronoa
Apr 15, 2017 / 0 comments

Brook’s awakening will have full development at the elbaf arc, but what is his true power? And why at elbaf? Let’s begin with the hints from Whole Cake island Big mom and her soul devil fruit.

There is an obvious connection between brook’s df and that of big mom’s During his fight with Big Mom’s soldiers, we saw him working with his Devil Fruit power Let’s go deeper: Big Mom’s dream is related to “gigantism”, and she has a back story with Elbaf because of Lola. The entire arc has many foreshadows for the future arc of Elbaf. You can keep it as the hint 1 about why elbaf.

After, let’s give a look to Elbaf’s warrior quote, Dorry said about Elbaf’s rule: “the god of elbaf decides which one would live and one would die”. This is a secret place like in the moment of death, the god of elbaf can be “there”. Not only it has the description of “shinigami”, but it has an indirect link about brook’s situation: a dead who continues to live. Take it as the hint 2. Now, let’s make the big prediction about Elbaf’s land: It will be a certain island that relates with “dead”. Oda-sensei has already drawn an island related to “dead”.

Also, this kind of island has been mentioned in the past. It was mentioned by Brook himself, so it has a big sense for him and his development. It’s logical to say: even if this kind of island does exist, we can’t be sure that is elbaf. True, but don’t forget the previous hints and that “deaths” are important in every straw hat’s story, so it must be a very important arc.

So, it could be a speculation at least Or it would be used in Elbaf theory because seems that Elbaf keeps some keys Like the secrets of Big Mom’s arc, because Big Mom can give life and can take life, her arc is based on fairytales. At other hands, Elbaf is related to Vikings mythology, and the dead land or Valhalla is very important to them. Also, a fable is related to the fairytale, even so, it has some unique features.

If Elbaf is connected with the theme of death, what is brook’s real power and how this will lead to awakening? Brook has been starting his awakening, but he hasn’t realized it yet. He searched for the true power of Yomi Yomi no mi and this power related with his musician ability. One of the best composers all of the time left this quote: “Music is indeed the mediator between the spiritual and sensual life” by Ludwig van Beethoven. Sensual could be a relative thing with Brook’s pervert character, but it would be connected with the “fleshly world” too.

If music is the “mediator” between the “two” worlds, so Brook’s true power is connected to the world of spirits with the world of humans. But, how does it work? We have seen this scene during the Whole Cake arc, and we understand that Brook’s awakening is to revive the souls, so without even touching them, he returned the parts of souls from soldiers to the owners. But, before, we have seen a part of Brook’s awakening. In the end of Punk Hazard, Brook saved Kinemon without knowing. With the effect of Shinokuni, the petrified Kinemon considered as “dead”.

But, Brook carried him and touch him, and very after his shell began to crack, Brook thought he killed Kinemon, but this was explained after with “if the petrification shell is broken open within half a day of the initial infection, then the victims can still be saved” Even if seems that Brook broke the shell by mistake, actually he used his awakening abilities, to revive Kinemon’s powers or a part of his lifespan, so he was able to break the shell on his own. Now, Brook’s awakening is to “revive” things. Reviving souls, seems to be confirmed, but what about reviving other things? Like a broken sword or a life force? If his music can reach the soul and lead her to come back, like a tool of awakening, what if he can return to life an army of giants? With a little parallelism with Usopp, this could be possible.

In DressRosa, God Usopp saved the people who became toys and made the most of them his followers. Also, he had an army of dwarfs. DressRosa shares some foreshadow for Elbaf, so Brook, as the Soul King, which can think him as the God of the underworld, he will save Elbaf giants, and he will have his own army of giants But about reviving objects, it should be for something important, like a Zoro’s broken sword, or a weapon who can’t be activated anymore, etc. For life force, I would say, he will revive someone who will be near to death, maybe Luffy, maybe other crewmate or another ally, but we will see this at the end of series

Summarizing, Brook’s awakening works with his musician abilities, and it’s about reviving Reviving 3 things: soul, objects, and lifespan. We will see more awakening development during Elbaf arc, like the dead island, and he will get his followers. Thank you! Rate and share this theory! Sorry for my English 😉

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