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Big Mom’s Devil Fruit Revealed | One Piece Chapter 835 Review
by Roronoa
Apr 18, 2017 / 0 comments

If you are thinking, what sort of excuses he has now for this review being late? Well, a brand new one, it seems Because a posted a new video on Wednesday, I didn’t think it will be a good idea to post two videos in two days

This is why I decided to post this review on Friday If you think I am wrong here, let me know in the comments, I really appreciate your feedback Watching the cover page where the theme is Ice and Penguins made me think about Aokiji, where he is now and what he’s doing Since he is in an alliance with Blackbeard maybe we will see him when Oda will explain what happened in Baltigo By the way, before the cover page, there are some other pages and one that caught my attention was the page with the footballer Shinji Kagawa

So it seems like someone asked him to make a formation with the characters from the One Piece It made me laugh when I saw that he did put Nami and Robin in Holding Midfielder position The Irony What they are holding? Shinji? I used to like him when he was playing for Dortmund for the first time, and then he joined Manchester United, and he died for some odd reasons, maybe the reason was because he walked alone Liverpool

But now he is back from the dead at Dortmund after his miserable spell at United, and since I know now that he likes One Piece I’m starting to like him again If you don’t know much about football and this did not make any sense to you, Sorry for that Anyway, back to the Chapter now: Oda did reveal some important stuff in this chapter When we learned what is Big Mom’s dream, a lot of people start thinking that maybe she is good, maybe she will team up or help the Straw Hats in some way But I never bought this idea in the first place, that Big Mom wants to create a country where all people from all races are treated equally, I knew that there is more to this

I made a theory a while back where I say that people who live in Totland are like the animals in the Zoo The owner keeps them for business purposes and the people who go to watch them, they go for entertaining reasons The same thing is here in Totland Big Mom keeps them so she can use them as a power source for her devil fruit But if you are saying “wait, those black creatures that are part of Big Mom’s soul they are giving people a choice Leave or Life

If they are unhappy with all of this, they can leave, right? Yeah, they can leave just like Jinbe was allowed to leave So they are between two choices, try to leave and get killed immediately or stay and get killed slowly And you can see that children are not excluded from this, they have to give part of their life span too If you want to watch this theory the link will be in the description or in the comments And then we go to the seducing woods, where Luffy is trying to figure things out

So he did manage to find Nami the real one this time Did you notice when the real Nami is standing very close to the fake Nami and you can see the fake Sanji and it looks like he is going crazy when he’s seeing the real Nami just like the real Sanji So, Oda could not resist even when it is a fake Sanji, he has to go crazy when Nami is around And then in that panel when Luffy asks Nami, so you guys didn’t multiply just for fun This is Oda’s answer to me saying on the previous review that Oda needs to establish a limit to Luffy’s stupidity

And he’s answer is NOPE, Luffy gonna continue to reach brand new heights of stupidity And then we get to see what happened to Nami and the rest in a flashback because showing us what is going on in a real time it is too mainstream nowadays So that weapon that Usopp gave to Nami is the reason why she could escape One thing that is really interesting to me is that Carrot is fearless just like Luffy She didn’t hesitation even for a second before charging at Brulee, but unfortunately for Carrot, her devil fruit “mira mira no mi” is very tricky to fight against

I was surprised that this devil fruit can create a dimension where you can imprison people Brulee tells them that she is here on Big Mom’s order in my previous review I said that this could be the case But now the question is, is Pudding part of this plan also, I think she is not, I did go more into details in my previous review so I don’t want to repeat the same stuff But if Pudding was in this plan she could have told Tamago that: hey I have to go to meet up with the Straw Hats, but the fact that she didn’t say anything to him this tells you that she is not part of Big Mom’s plan If you have a different theory let me know in the comments

And then Brulee gives the order to the Homies to attack the Straw Hats, when I saw the word Homies I thought maybe this is a mistranslation When Masashi Kishimoto was in America he said that he doesn’t speak English maybe is the same for Oda as well, now I am wondering does he know what this word mean, maybe the person who is advising him for these English names is giving the wrong information to him And Chopper stays behind in order to stop the Homies to buy some time for Nami to be able to escape And Nami reminds herself and all those people who did underestimate the Yonkos and their crews, how powerful they are compared to others in the grand line Based on what Brulee said we can assume that Chopper is going to be alright

So Big Mom is also collecting beasts Now, here something to think about, I am not saying this could happen but let’s just say that Big Mom would end up killing Chopper because he doesn’t want to be her pet What do you think the Straw Hats would do to Big Mom? it would be interesting if Luffy would kill Big Mom, just punching her to death Again, I am not saying this could happen I just saying this would be very interesting because this arc then would be personal and not just one more adventure Let me know what do you think in the comments

Anyway, Luffy and Nami are interrogating that big guy stuck in the ground, it was interesting to see that he could tell that Luffy is strong and Nami is not, is he able to know trough Haki? And then he starts to give them information about Totland or Totto Land, in the beginning, it was Totland but in this chapter is translated Totto Land I don’t know which one if correct, I guess we will have to wait for the anime to know for sure In this chapter, Oda revealed what is Big Mom’s devil fruit, which it wasn’t that much of a surprise because we knew that all these weird things that are happening in Totland are her doings We also learn that she has the power to create these creatures that are from her own soul and they are the ones who collect people’s life span Which in a way is similar to Moriah’s own shadow, and in order not to confuse these two, that’s why Oda did add this part when the big guy says:”Just to be clear, the souls cannot enter a corpse or the body or somebody else”

Which is the opposite of Moria, he can put shadows into corpses and people who are alive We also got a confirmation about how did the Straw Hats see Sanji so this is one of Brulee’s power We also learn what’s the deal with Big Mom having all those husbands, so basically she just uses them to get pregnant and then she doesn’t care about them Which is the opposite of what Pudding told us, she said we are all a happy family, but based on what this guy said they don’t live together And it doesn’t seem like these children care about their father, I wonder why, maybe there is something more to it

And on the last page, Oda did introduce another of Big Mom’s children Cracker, one of the three sweet commanders, minister of biscuit Maybe in the final part of this arc, we will see all of Big Mom’s children fighting alongside her against the Straw Hats and their new alliance Maybe Oda will make this arc kind of similar to MarineFord, instead of Ace being in handcuffs Sanji will be in handcuffs and waiting to be rescued But since Oda said that this year will be Sanji’s year they need to rescue Sanji in the begging of this battle and the most important part will be how they will escape from Whole Cake Island, which by the way there is only one way and that is by defeating Big Mom

Because if they can take Sanji and escape unharmed from Totland this would look bad on the Yonkos because based on what Oda has told us so far about them, they are at the top of everything in the new world If the next chapter will continue where this chapter ended than the next chapter will be a good one because we will see Luffy in action I know that Luffy said I am here to talk with Big Mom, but based on what Brulee said I don’t think Big Mom wants to talk at all, which is what you would expect from a Yonko If Luffy will fight Cracker it will be very interesting to see the difference in power but not just between Luffy and Cracker but in general We know that Jack is strong enough to fight against Inuarashi and Nekomamushi without a break for days

So, let’s see how strong is Big Mom’s crew Let me know in the comments what did you think about this chapter, what caught your attention, what do you think about Big Mom’s devil fruit powers?

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