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Big Mom and Her Sweet, Sweet Recipes | One Piece Theory
by Roronoa
Apr 19, 2017 / 0 comments

A lot of mystery had been surrounding the real ability, of one of the Four Emperors of the Sea, Charlotte Linlin, also known as Big Mom. In this theory, we will try to speculate the possible ability of the female Yonkou.

First of all, Oda san stated, that he assigns Devil Fruit abilities to his female characters, that are relevant, to women’s real daily life. Although a lot of theories had been made, about Big Mom having the ability of the “Witch Fruit” or the “Animation Fruit”, I came to a different conclusion. I believe that this ability would fit to Oda’s statement about women Devil Fruit users, and Big Mom having, the theme of a witch, and her being a “mother” figure at the same time. The “witch” theme of Big Mom’s character, and her pirate crew revolves around the evil witch or queens (and stepmother) in “Fairy Tales” like Hansel & Gretel and Alice in Wonderland which is another mother stereotype, telling fairy tales to their children as they go to sleep.

And even though Big Mam got a witch persona, I believe her ability is different. With all the theories about the ability of Big Mom already been made, I am sure you guys would know all the evidences that were laid out in predicting Big Mom’s Devil Fruit powers. With those in mind, let’s focus this time on Oda’s statement about women Devil Fruit users, as I said earlier, Oda said that he gives Devil Fruit abilities that are relevant to women’s daily life, and also it may sound like Oda is making a generalization about women with this statement, there’s no doubt that he follows this theme.

A few examples are Ms. Valentines’ “Kilo Kilo Fruit”, for women’s tendency to care too much about their body weight, Nico Robin’s “Flower Flower Fruit”, for women being known as multi taskers and Monet’s “Snow Snow Fruit”, for women, at least in Japan, wanting to be as white as snow and their tendency to always be cold. So what ability would fit Big Mom? and at the same time would also fit with her love for eating, her theme as a witch and her image as a mother. I believe that Big Mom ate the Paramecia Devil Fruit: “Stove Stove Fruit”, or a Devil Fruit ability that is connected to a Kitchen. Like an Oven or a Hot Pot. Now you might wonder, then how can Big Mom produce all her weird henchmen and the living objects like her ship if she can only produce food? I would say that based on observation, Oda never really confined an ability of a Devil Fruit user to a limitation, a good example is Sugar, who seemed to have three very different abilities in one Devil Fruit power.

Big Mom may possibly be able to produce a henchmen by “baking” a living being or an object inside her tummy. It’s also possible that she can “mix” an object and a living creature inside her stomach, hence, a lot of her weird underlings. Her saliva may not be an acid, but actually is a “boiling water”. Imagine if Big Mom eats Tamago, would he be Hard Boiled (Egg)? or can Big Mom produce a Gingerbread Army? It’s an interesting concept. I believe And we all know that there are levels in Devil Fruits, maybe the ability of Big Mom is the higher version of King Wapol’s “Chomp-Chomp Fruit”.

Big Mom is cooking something up!

Theory by Beck26

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