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Admiral Ryokogyu : The Mercenary from Kano-Kuni | One Piece Theory
by Roronoa
Apr 18, 2017 / 0 comments

Among the highest ranks in the Marines, the Admirals boast the strength and ability to rival the best the Grand Line got to offer, however, after the events of the “War of the Best” at Marineford, inevitable changes happened in this powerful group. The events at Marineford resulted in a huge wave of change that saw the struggle between Admirals Akainu and Aokiji, this led to Akainu’s rise to become the Fleet Admiral and Aokiji’s departure from the Marines. The world government lost two admirals.

Back in Dressrosa, we had been introduced to the new Admiral, Issho, who had been given the name “Fujitora”, which directly translates as “Purple (Whisteria) Tiger” in Japanese language. It had been revealed in the same arc that along Fujitora, another person had been recruited, that goes by the name of, “Admiral Ryokogyu”, this name directly translates in Japanese as, “Green Cow”. In this theory, we will try to predict and speculate this mysterious man, using the clues and hints stated in the series, along with personal speculations, I believe that we can make a good prediction about the identity, ability and personality of the missing Admiral. The best way to determine the identity of Ryokogyu, is to observe the same characteristics that the other Admirals had with each other, I’m sure that most people are aware that the Admirals in “One Piece” are modeled, or directly inspired from prominent Japanese actors from 1960’s to 1980’s. Admiral Akainu was based from Bunta Sugawara, who was famous during 1970’s, mainly portraying Yakuza roles.

Admiral Aokiji was based off Yusaku Matsuda, who was famous for his detective and espionage roles, during 1980’s Admiral Kizaru is a direct inspiration from Kunie Tanaka, which is known for portraying police characters during 1970’s and Admiral Fujitora is modeled after actor, Shintaro Katsu for his role as the blind swordsman, “Zatoichi” which is at the height of its popularity during the 1960’s, also known as “Jidaigeki” films or “Period Dramas”. It’s also interesting to note that the models for these Admirals starred in same movies at some point of their careers. Bunta Sugawara and Kunie Tanaka, both played in 1970 movies: “Battles without Honor and Humanity”, “Cops versus Thugs” and “Street Mobster”. While Yusaku Matsuda and Kunie Tanaka both played in the movie “Murder in the Doll House” during the late 1970’s, Tanaka was also the narrator for the 1966 movie of Shintaro Katsu, “Zatoichi’s Pilgrimage”.

Observing the mentioned Admirals, we could assume that Admiral Ryokogyu, like the others would also be based off a famous Japanese actor around 1960’s to 1980’s while their character (personailty) is based off one of the actors’ famous role On Chapter 801, a shot of Admiral Green Bull’s appearance had been hinted, and although his face is still hidden a good view of his hair had been shown, judging by his hair and a pattern we took from the other Admirals, we could have at least a good speculation to determine the identity of Admiral Ryokogyu. While it was almost widely accepted in the theory community that the next admiral would be based off the Japanese actor, Toshiro Mifune, the hinted hair of Ryokogyu doesn’t fall remotely close to Toshiro Mifune’s hair, not to mention that Toshiro Mifune was famous for his roles, as a Samurai, which would throw the character of Admira Fujitora awkwardly, since Fujitora was also based off a Samurai. So I believe Admiral Ryokogyu would be based off the famous Martial Arts actor.

Shi’nichi Chiba, widely known as “Sonny” Chiba, he is the actor who popularized Martial Arts movies, along with the legendary actor Bruce Lee during the 1970’s up to 1980’s. He also starred in Yakuza movies along with Bunta Sugawara (and Kunie Tanaka) in the movie, “Battles without Honor and Humanity” during 1970’s. Note that all actors who were the inspirations for the Admirals all played in a movie that involves “Yakuza”. Chiba also played “Samurai” roles for “Jidaegeki” films portraying Jubei Yagyu and the Ninja legend, Hanzo Hattori He also co-starred with Yusaku Matsuda in the movie, “Black Rain”.

One of the most famous role Sonny Chiba played, was in a movie called “Street Fighter” as “Takuma Tsurugi”, a mercenary-for-hire. He doesn’t care about moralities and mercy; rambunctious, reckless and cocky, this character is always about “getting the job done”. This character is also the direct inspiration for a video game, fighting character called “Mister Karate”, Takuma Sakazuki, a fact I am bringing up since it shows that Sonny Chiba got a distinct face; another trait that all the Admirals seem to got. I would speculate that Admiral Ryokogyu would have a similar personality as the character Sonny Chiba played in “Street Fighter”.

I believe that Admiral Ryokogyu’s personality is very reckless and wild, hence, his epithet as a “Raging Bull” While the names of the Admirals are a reference to a Japanese folklore, “The Legend of Momotaro”, the name of animals given to these characters also reflects their personalities. Like a Bull, Admiral Ryokogyu would have two entirely different personalities: at one point, he would be timid and patient, then, all of a sudden, as soon as he sees his “target”, he would make a complete turnaround and destroy everything in his path, I believe that this personality perfectly fits Admiral Ryokogyu’s ability: AT LEAST, what I believe his ability will be Admiral Ryokogyu ate the “Paramecia Devil Fruit”: “Jikan-Jikan no Mi” or the “Time Fruit” Admiral Ryokogyu can control “Time”.

Like his personality, his Devil Fruit ability is a double-edged-sword, depending on his personality, that his Devil Fruit ability can act as a liability, or a dangerous weapon. Oda-san, the brilliant author of the series, got a habit of giving ridiculous personalities (quirks) that acts as weakness to his characters, as an example is Kanjuuro, having the ability to turn his drawings into life but at the same time, him having no talent for drawing Or Aokiji, being too lazy to make a move. Imagine someone like Admiral Ryokogyu having the ability to stop time but becomes impatient when everything stops around him. While Silver Fox Foxy got the ability to slow time down, I believe that Ryokogyu will have full control over “Time” in a certain amount of seconds, in a certain area: this includes backtracking (rewinding), forwarding and stopping time or event for few seconds.

With Admiral Fujitora having the ability to control “Gravity” and Admiral Kizaru being able to control “Light”, the most logical conclusion to Admiral Ryokogyu’s ability is for it to follow the theme of “General Relativity”, which is “Time”. Also comparing this to the abilities to the prior group of Admirals, who shared the theme of “Worldly Elements”, we should also note that the abilities of the Admirals seems to contradict and cancel each other: Ice freezes Lava, Lava devours Light, and Light melts Ice. The same applies to the new abilities of Admirals if Ryokogyu’s ability would be “Time” Gravity bends Light, Light flows with Time, and Time is unstoppable by Gravity. It’s also important to note that the abilities of all the Admirals are connected to their color theme and this is another evidence to assume that Admiral Ryokogyu would have the ability of “Time”, because”Green” is associated with Time Portals, Time Control and Time Travels, the last thing that we need to speculate is “How Ryokogyu fights?”.

If we are basing their fighting style to the most famous role of the actor they were based on, then Admiral Ryokogyu, probably is, a vicious, and powerful master Karate expert, just like Admiral Fujitora using a “Shikomizue”, popularly known as a “(Concealed) Cane Sword” for being modeled after Zatoichi, then Admiral Ryokogyu being modeled after, Sonny Chiba’s character, Takuma Tsurugi, would not only be an expert in the area of martial arts but will also use weapons, such as a three-pronged baton, known as “Sai”, and utilizing of throwing knives; imagine him throwing knives and controlling time. It’s possible as well that Ryokogyu is a former, Bounty Hunter, before being drafted as an Admiral on the “Global Military Draft” along with Fujitora, a speculation on my part since “Bounty Hunter” (in One Piece Universe) is a loose reference to a “Mercenary”(Vigilante) which is the character of Chiba in “Street Fighter”.

Speaking about the Military Draft that enabled the World Government to recruit 2 new Admirals, it is being widely speculated that Admiral Fujitora came from Wano-Kuni since he is a Samurai. On that same regard, I would have to assume that Admiral Ryokogyu is a recruit from Kano-Kuni, since I believe that Ryokogyu is a Martial Arts expert, I believe that Oda-san knows Sonny Chiba very well, since he loves the movies made by Quentin Tarantino and Chiba played as (the retired version of) Hanzo Hattori in the film “Kill Bill”. He would surely be a force to reckon with, the moment he appears in the series. This ends our theory and speculations about Admiral Ryokogyu

Theory by Beck26

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