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by Roronoa
Feb 10, 2018 / 0 comments


Zoro as the vice captain has given his comment or approval regarding other strawhats, EXCEPT SANJI. Since Luffy and Zoro are the first two member of the strawhats, it seems normal that Zoro will always be there when other strawhats are recruited. But in Sanji’s case, Zoro was away following Nami.


Every strawhats has their picture seen by the world, EXCEPT SANJI. I am talking about their bounty poster.



We know that every strawhats has lost somebody important in their life, EXCEPT SANJI. Luffy lost Sabo(returned) and Ace.

Zoro lost Kuina. Usopp, Robin, and Nami lost their mother.

Franky lost Tom. Brook lost his captain, then his crew. Chopper lost Dr. Hiluluk.

In fact, in his flashback instead of losing somebody, Sanji actually got a new friend (Zeff).


Every strawhats has once left the crew, or fought a member of the crew, EXCEPT SANJI. Zoro was going to be killed by Luffy in Whiskey Peak (Chapter 112).



Nami and Robin temporarily left the crew. Usopp and Franky fought Luffy. Chopper was forced to left the crew by Foxy.


Brook fought Zoro, actually Brook’s shadow(Ryuma) fought Zoro. Luffy fought himself (Chapter 478 – Luffy versus Luffy).


Every strawhats has devil fruit ability or weapon, EXCEPT SANJI. Luffy, Robin, Chopper, and Brook have their DF abilities.

Zoro has his swords. Nami has her clima tact. Usopp has his kabuto. Franky is actually a weapon himself.

Not only lack of weapon or DF ability, in fact Sanji restricted himself in using his hand.


So let me tell you my theory regarding these 5 anomalies.

In the future there will be a big incident that remove those anomalies. In other words, Oda has prepared an amazing story to make Sanji’s character follow the pattern. Lets talk about the pattern one by one.

1. Sanji will temporarily leave the crew, and here Zoro again will give an amazing advice or speech about it. And when Sani comes back, Zoro will give his proper approval. But what could be the reason for Sanji to leave the crew?

2. Sanji will get his proper photograph for his bounty poster, and that is when his parents will recognize the existence of their long lost child and will try ask Sanji to come back. But who are Sanji’s parents?

3. Or maybe Sanji actually has lost one of his parents, or his brother, or his sister. Then for some reason he decided to runaway or to take revenge by sneaking to Orbit.


We have seen many times Sanji sneaking to follow his instinct. Sanji was sneaking to Maxim to rescue Nami.

Sanji was sneaking to Puffing Tom to rescue Robin. Maybe at the momet while Thousand Sunny is heading to Zou, Sanji is sneaking to Big Mom’s ship. :D

Maybe in the future the strawhats will encounter Orbit and that is when the strawhats learn Sanji’s true identitiy. But what is his true identitiy?

4. Not only he will leave the crew, Sanji will have his proper fight with Zoro.

So, many people has been talking about Sanji being actually a prince of some kingdom since Oda has foreshadowed it by giving him alias as Mr. Prince.
Also, Zoro has actually mentioned that Sanji looks like a prince.


Notice the ball in his head, it looks like the ball in Inuppe’s head (Zombie who owned Sanji’s shadow).


5. For his ability. There are two possibilities.
The first one is, Sanji might get a devil fruit ability, which enhance his kicking ability. Logia maybe, or Bellamy’s fruit, or actually his dream fruit (Absalom’s fruit). I prefer the second possibility, Sanji will get a weapon, which is a metal boots since he need an armor to cover his leg. Or shoes to enhance his kicking ability, similar to Detective Conan’s shoes, LOL.

Or maybe he will lose one of his leg, and Franky will give Sanji a prosthetic robotic leg (super awesome).
In fact in early concept of strawhats character, somebody has got a prosthetic robotic leg.


And it will be funny when Sanji finally meet Zeff again. Zeff will laugh and tell Sanji “so you follow my style huh” since we know Zeff actually got a prostetic leg himself.

Lastly, since we are talking about Sanji. I want to point out that Strawhats might not need to have a giant in their crew to figh Sanjuan Wolf, because we have Sanji. Oda himself has foreshadowed that Sanji will fight Sanjuan Wolf 3 times.

1. The first 4 letters of their name are same, so Sanji versus Sanju.
2. Sanji has the experience of fighting a super huge giant (Wadatsumi).
3. They actually have the same birthday (second of march).

*Theory created by gaimon

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